2018 ESPYs Celebrated at Luxury Lounge and Charity Poker Event at Mr. C’s Hotel in Beverly Hills

By Nicole Muj

On July 17, nominees, presenters and top sports and entertainment celebrities gathered at the beautiful rooftop of Mr. C’s Hotel in Beverly Hills, in celebration of the 2018 ESPY Awards, presented by GBK Productions and premium functional infused water Hemp Hydrate.

Attendees included DeSean Jackson (Tampa Bay Buccaneers), Mercedes Lewis (Green Bay Packers), Jaylen Brown (Celtics), Wendell Carter (Chicago Bulls), Brandon Marshall (Broncos), Cole Underwood (The Bachelorette), Devin Fuchness (Carolina Panthers), Khandi Alexander (Scandal), Kelenna Azbuike (NBA Veteran), Daniel Steres, Bai Ling, Vanessa Esperanza, Sam Ashgari, and many more influencers and celebs.

At the daylong suite, Los Angeles-based Nonnie’s Nectar, a company specializing in high-end hemp extract supplements, educated guests on the benefits of its full-spectrum hemp extract “Triple Threat,” while artist Mike Norice from Break Your Neck Customs gifted talent with a customized piece of art valued at over $3K.

The lounge was filled with health and wellness brands, including Obrigado coconut water from Bahia, Brazil,  Tyent USA, specializing in providing the top-rated water and hydrogen water ionizers, L-Nutra that gifted ProLon, a five-day diet that tricks your body into thinking that it’s fasting, and homeopathic HGH gel by New U Live Inc.  Beverly Hills medspa Lasky Aesthetics showcased the latest and most innovative nonsurgical cosmetic treatments, including the new EmSculpt and Ballancer Pro.

Custom men’s clothing company TruTailor was represented,  as was FREY that introduced its new gentlemen’s clothing care kit. SSANAI, Korea’s number one men’s grooming brand, gifted its hair and skin care products, all featuring natural ingredients, free of parabens. Zenni Optical unveiled its latest eyewear collections and optical frames with blue blocker eye protection. Social impact company One World Play Project gifted its innovative, un-poppable soccer ball.

Lucky guests received luxury vacation packages, including a three-night stay in Italy at La Corte dell’Astore, featuring a unique paragliding experience with hawks and bald eagles. Swanky Retreats also gifted an all-inclusive stay at the Hilton Puerto Vallarta’s new enclave, The Hacienda.

The future female sports stars were not forgotten with the presence of TownleyGirl that inspires young girls to sparkle, shine and dream big! TownleyGirl specializes in children’s cosmetics and hair accessories featuring such top entertainment brands as Disney.

After the suite, the athletes and celebrity guests joined in a poker tournament with all proceeds going towards the Model Citizen Fund. Founded by Dan Fleyshem, Model Citizen Fund distributes Life-Sustaining backpacks filled with food, health, and survival essentials to the homeless and disaster victims, giving them the tools and confidence to rebuild their lives. The tournament raised over $50,000 to benefit the cause.

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