Sleep Glorious Sleep!

Getting a good night’s sleep these days seems to be a problem that’s increasing and affects many of us. Remedies include no social media or TV and no caffeine or alcohol before bedtime, special calming music or even PM medication.

Why not try to go back to the basics … in the bedroom. Some tips to help catch forty winks include:

Invest in a good mattress.

A quality mattress creates the foundation for a healthy sleep. Spine and Vigor offers mattresses designed for comfort, care and quality, helping people feel better, live better and sleep better, pain free and without medication.

With the help of his chiropractor, the company’s CEO, who suffered from back issues, began designing a custom mattress, experimenting for a year with various combinations of foams and materials to create a sleep surface that would provide the right degree of orthopedic support. After forty days of sleeping on the mattress creation, he was pain free. His chiropractor gave the same mattress to his patients with the same result – their pains were gone in one month’s time and they were able to experience a restful night. The company’s motto is “Wake up happy, without a prescription.”

Spine and Vigor offers four styles of comfort mattresses in all sizes, twin through king, at very affordable prices that can be delivered directly to your home. The Majestic Hybrid is a personal favorite!

Pillows are key.

After finding the right mattress, the next task would be to find the right pillow. Honeydew Sleep offers a variety of classic, body and travel pillows described as “scrumptious.” The company undertook years of creating prototypes and testing before it found the right materials, with the perfect ratio and combination of support and softness.

Invite darkness into your resting spaces.

Having your room as dark as possible is vital to assure some amazing shut-eye. The Dream Sleeper Eye Mask allows one to achieve complete darkness and a good degree of noise reduction, perfect for the bedroom or while traveling.

Wishing everyone sweet dreams and a happy slumber!

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