Three 6 Mafia’s DJ Paul Celebrates at Andiamo Italian Steakhouse

Time and time again, Andiamo Italian Steakhouse proves to be the fun and delicious dining hangout for celebrities alike. This time, it was Academy Award-winning, Three 6 Mafia’s, DJ Paul who stayed for a couple days in one of the D Casino Hotel Suites and enjoyed dinner at Andiamo, two nights in a row. He loves the taste of the food so much, he had to visit the Andiamo chefs in the kitchen (who also happened to be big fans), and pose for photos. Paul also headed outside the hotel to the D Bar, where he took an awesome photo op with the slushy bartenders. It seems like this was just another typical night at the highly acclaimed hot spot, but it wasn’t because DJ Paul was celebrating going Platinum with two tracks in the same week. Those tracks he helped produce were for Drake’s “Talk Up” and Cardi B’s “Who Run It.”  Way to go DJ Paul!

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