A Look at the Technology Behind Vaping

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Vaping has been a big hit among its avid enthusiasts. What many believed was a one-time wonder is now a hobby for millions and a part of the lifestyle for many others. Vaping has grown so much that there are more mods, kits, and atomizers to choose from than ever before. New technologies are being introduced to make vaping not only more enjoyable but also more convenient.

The technology behind vaping is actually quite interesting. A few years ago, vaping meant being stuck with a pen-like device that didn’t produce that much vapor at all. Today, you have hundreds of gadgets and mods that you can combine to create a personalized kit. There are a lot of vape juice flavors to choose from too. The tech behind vaping is as fascinating as the lifestyle itself.

Mods with More Power

Mods, the main component for modern vaporizer kits, are getting more and more advanced. Today, it is easy to find mods that use one or two batteries, have a touchscreen interface, and even some that are completely mechanical with a built-in tank for your favorite vape juice.

Some mods, naturally, are better than the others. Depending on the kind of vaping experience you want to have and the amount of money you can afford to spend to create your personalized kit, you can choose from a wealth of options.

SMOK makes some of the best, most valuable mods on the market. They usually come in kits, paired with SMOK’s very own atomizers like the TFV8 or TFV4. The SMOK Alien kit, for example, includes a mod capable of producing 200W of power.

This is a flexible mod to have as a starter since you can pair it with other atomizers without having to upgrade your mod. Other mods combine technology with style and class. The Gepetto Elite V2 is a good example of how a mod can be beautiful and functional at the same time.

Starter Kits

We spoke about the SMOK Alien kit as a good starter kit to have. Mods aren’t the only part you need to start vaping, which is why picking up a starter kit when you are just getting started with vaping is a good idea. A starter kit includes everything you need to start vaping immediately; keep in mind that you may still need to pick up a battery (or batteries) with most kits.

Starter kits are great for beginners because they are designed to match too. When you consider the hundreds of RDAs (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers) and RTAs (Rebuildable Tank Atomizers) as well as other types of atomizers on the market, being able to have a kit that works out of the box is a good thing.

Blazed Vapes has some very interesting starter kits in its catalog. Aside from the Alien kit, SMOK also has the Species kit capable of producing 230W. Wismec’s Motiv Pod kit is a different kind of starter kit because it uses pods rather than conventional atomizers.


Speaking of pods, there is a new wave of vaping gadgets hitting the market. Kits like the Wismec Motiv Pod, the Suorin Drop, and Air, and the Smoant S8 are incorporating a new principle in vaping. Rather than using a low-resistance coil and pushing a lot of power through the atomizer, these compact pod-based kits use less power.

The vapor produced by pod systems is less than that of conventional vape kits, but compact kits are just as pleasurable. For starters, they are much more convenient to use simply because they are small and easy to carry around. You don’t even need to press a button to fire up the coil; taking a drag through the pod activates the device automatically.

To compensate for the reduced vapor production, pod-based systems use special nicotine salt liquid. Popular brands like Naked already have this new type of vape juice available. You don’t have to worry about not being able to find a particular flavor you like because the catalog of nicotine salt vape juice is growing rapidly.

Atomizers and Coils

Atomizers are even more fascinating. RDAs and RTAs are the two common types of atomizers on the market. Pods are also becoming quite common. Unlike RDAs and RTAs, you have to replace the entire pod when using this type of system. Of course, you don’t need to manually replace the coil and the whole system is more practical to use.

RDAs are popular among both cloud-chasers and those who appreciate good flavors. You can now find RDAs designed to handle up to four coils at once. Replacing coils – and making your own coils – is turning into an art form and a big hobby among vaping enthusiasts. If you want to boost the vapor production of your kit, for example, creating a coil with minimum resistance is something you can try.

There are even more options for cotton to use as a wick. Anything from how you wick and the amount of cotton you use can greatly influence your vaping experience. These are little details that make vaping so exciting as a hobby.

Other Gears and Accessories

While you can buy starter kits to start vaping, most kits don’t include a battery. Fortunately, a lot of the mods available today either use built-in rechargeable batteries or the standard 18650 batteries. Both battery technologies are advancing rapidly, so don’t be surprised to find next-generation batteries to have the ability to supply more power without getting bigger.

There are plenty of accessories to pick up for your vaping gadgets. There are bags designed for vaping enthusiasts, complete with slots for your RDAs and bottles of vape juice. There are also tools made from ceramic and other heat-resistant materials. These tools allow you to get into coiling and wicking like never before.

The more you dig into the tech behind vaping, the more you realize how the industry and the hobby is growing rapidly. If you are thinking about trying vaping as a hobby, now is the perfect time to get started.

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