How to Make the Most of Losing Your Job

When you lose your job, it can initially seem like the end of the world as you begin to worry about money and how to get back into the game and progress your career now. However, whilst losing your job isn’t perhaps something anyone would wish for, it doesn’t mean it has to be a negative thing in your life, but rather an opportunity to change it. Without a job, you are free to try new things and have some time to take stock and work out what it really is you want to do with your life, rather than just ending every nine to five slog, sat in front of the television, too tired to make plans. In this article, you will learn how you can make losing your job work for your benefit and how to cope without the loss of income for a short while.

Getting a good settlement

Before anything else is considered, you need to reach a settlement agreement with your current employers so that you have a fair and manageable amount of severance pay to keep you afloat during your time away from having a job. Whilst some employers will give this to you willingly, many business owners and managers can be tight with their purse strings and try to do you out of money that is rightfully yours. To this end, it is vital that you enlist the help of professionals, such as those at Bird & Co, who can help you get a fair compromise agreement so that losing your job doesn’t mean being plunged in at the deep end and worrying about how you are going to pay the next bill.

Finding a new path

Once you have a really good settlement sorted out, things can get exciting as this is now your chance to find what you really want to do in life and, potentially, start a new career. Knowing how to choose a new career path can initially be difficult as, with so many potential choices and opportunities laid out in front of you, how will you know what to choose? A good way to start is by writing out two lists, one of all your skills and experience in the workplace and one with all your interests and hobbies on. Once you have these, compare the two and see what overlaps between them to get a much clearer idea on what you might want to do in your future.

Into the great unknown

Of course, losing your job doesn’t mean you have to dive back into the working life without taking a breather. Now you don’t have the nine to five rat race every day; you could take some time to enjoy new life experiences. For example, why not find somewhere you want to travel in the world and look up how to visit on the cheap? Or, if you have always fancied learning how to dance or cook, why not take this time to learn?

Losing your job doesn’t have to be negative if you have the right attitude and representation to get you through.

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