How To Quit Bad Habits

Some habits are good ones such as exercising regularly and going to bed at an early hour. Some, however, are extremely bad for us, and these are the ones that can be hardest to quit, even though they need to be dealt with for the sake of your mental and physical health. If you have a bad habit that you want to quit, but you’re having trouble, here are some ways to do it.

Be Aware

The best thing to do when you want to quit doing something is to make yourself more aware of it. A habit is something you often find you are doing without even realizing it, so rather than trying to ignore your habit in the hopes that it will go away, it is best to become hyper-aware of it, and even note down all the times you find yourself doing whatever it is you want to quit, be it smoking, using your smartphone too much, biting your nails, swearing, or anything else. Once you are aware of when you perform your habit, you can more easily stop yourself from doing it because you will be looking out for it to occur.

Don’t Be Negative

When trying to break a bad habit, most people set up negative goals for themselves. They may not realize this is what they are doing, but it certainly is the case. You tell yourself that you are planning to stop doing something, to do something less, or to berate yourself if you find you are doing it anyway. This won’t help you to quit because you’re trying to create a new habit in a negative way. Your brain doesn’t learn anything by not doing something, and therefore your goals need to be framed differently. You should focus on the positive instead, or even replace the bad habit with another, less offensive one.

Speak Your Excuses

When trying to give up a bad habit, we tend to offer ourselves excuses for when quitting seems hardest. We might tell ourselves that we deserve a treat, or that one more time won’t hurt, for example. Thinking these thoughts can make them seem reasonable, but speaking them out loud, either to yourself or, even better, to someone else, will give you the chance to really understand what it is you are saying, and understand how unbelievable those excuses really are. You’ll be far less likely to go back to your bad habit if you really listen to the excuses you’re making for it.


Not all habits need rehab, but there will be some that require more professional, even medical attention than others. These are habits such as drinking too much alcohol or taking illegal (or perhaps even prescription) drugs. These kinds of habits are much more difficult to quit alone, and trying to do so may even make you seriously unwell. At Muse Treatment you can stay as a patient until you are entirely ready to go back to your life, without those bad habits that dogged you.

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