5 Easy Ways to Increase Convenience of Your Move

After extensive preparation and planning, the day of moving is here. As your moving specialists start their work, you might feel it necessary to keep an eye on everything. You may find it necessary to see if they are careful with your antique painting or piano. You can check scuffs on the walls or scratches on your hardwood. It may be a stressful experience to know what your movers are packing and moving.

It will be good to stay out of the ways of movers, but you can make yourself busy in other tasks. If you want to assist them, you can do some particular activities. You can arrange reliable storage like storage units San Bernardino. Some movers may provide you with cheap storage options, so you can compare them before choosing one.

Labeling and Packing Before Time

To save your time during a move, try to pack as much as possible before a moving day. Empty all drawers and organize each item in boxes. Label every box with its appropriate destination. It will make their work easy to move your possessions in the new house. They will appreciate your assistance and allow you to save money after a move.

If you have limited time, movers can pack items for you. They will manage everything from furniture to silverware.   

Pack Valuable, Fragile or Small Items in a Car

While professional movers may take precautions for the protection of your valuable items during a move, occasionally the things can get out of control. For particular items, it is not good to take a risk. To get peace of mind, pack valuables and small details like small electronics, artwork or jewelry in your car. In this way, there is no need to take the stress and let your movers focus on heavy lifting.

Refreshments for Movers

Moving bulky items is a demanding job, and your movers may sweat heavily, especially if you are moving in warmer months. You can show a nice gesture by offering chilled refreshments to appreciate their work. It will be good to provide snacks, such as granola bars or bananas to fuel them up for the whole day.

Allow Movers to Do Their Job

You should not interrupt your movers because they know how to do their job. Keep it in mind that you have hired professional movers who can do packing and unpacking as per your instructions. They may not like micromanagement so let them do their work.   

Scope Out a New Space

Make sure to find out the limitations of your space. You have to take measurements of elevators, stairwells, hallways, and doorways. It can be stressful to know on a moving day that your bed is not passing through the door of your bedroom.

If you want to keep track of your valuables, you can prepare a spreadsheet and store items of each room by category and box number. By hiring professional, you can decrease the stress of moving. A moving company can manage everything from packing to move. With qualified and trained individuals, they determined to make your move affordable and stress-free.   


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