Take a Luxury Vacation Around the Mediterranean

Chartering a yacht is a vacation experience that can’t be compared to no other vacation experience on earth, and a cruise around the Mediterranean will be more than enough to prove that statement to be true. There is no better way to explore and experience the Mediterranean than on a luxury yacht charter. From the historic towns and quaint markets places to the seaside cities and glamour of the Riviera’s, the Mediterranean has something to offer everyone, of every taste. The Mediterranean vicinity has something to tickle everyone’s fancy, and is a delight of cultural and historic landscapes, proving to be one of the most popular luxury yacht charter getaway experiences.

Some Top Mediterranean Destinations

Being the immensely diverse region that it is, the Mediterranean has something to offer everyone and is one of the most diverse and popular locations in the world for luxury yacht charter. The Mediterranean is ideal for those wanting to indulge in the French food culture, or perhaps some Spanish bullfighting is more your thing. The melting pot that is the Mediterranean is the perfect blend of culture and tradition that is at the heart of this overwhelmingly beautiful region of the world. Further to the east, the destinations of Turkey and Montenegro offer unrivaled coastline beauty along with their unique Middle Eastern flavors and flair. Mediterranean yacht charters are the ideal way to get your feet wet in all these and more, all tucked along the majesty of the Mediterranean Sea and its surrounds.

St. Tropez

Totted as a playground for the rich and famous, St Tropez is a true gem in the Mediterranean and is an ideal destination for a luxury yacht charter. Antique market, cobblestone streets, and top-class international restaurants all add to the splendor that is St Tropez, making it easy to see why it is a destination hot spot, and an experience not to be missed.


The vibrancy and wealth of the French Riviera have culminated in what is now known as Monaco and is the urban luxury and glamour capital of the region. Famed as being the millionaire’s playground and home of one of the most watched Grand Prix’s in the world, Monaco has an appeal all unto itself. Intertwined with the old history and culture, Old Town is a sight to behold and adds to the rich heritage of this grand destination.

Italian Riviera

The rugged coastline and hilltop villages of the Italian Riviera make for a welcome country break from the hustle of the Mediterranean cities. Seaside fishing villages and winding country roads decorate this unique landscape, while the opportunity for world-class cuisine and designer shopping is a treat that cannot be missed.

A luxury charted yacht through the Mediterranean is the ideal way to make the best use of your time away from the real world. The sight, sounds, and smells of this unique region of the world is an experience not to be missed, and doing it in the most stylish means possible is the only way it should be done.

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