Beginner’s Guide To Horse Betting

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Beginning from the 17th century during King James’ reign, horse racing was born and was dubbed the “sports of kings.” This soon took the fancy of the aristocracy during a time when the sport laid down its foundations and formed the image of horse racing that we are familiar with today. Its popularity increased as a result of the internet and television and have become one of the most watched sport in the UK and Ireland. Not to mention, one of the most gambled on sports as well.

If you are a big fan of horse races and are thinking of taking up horse betting but don’t know where to start, The Guardian lists a few pointers to get you started.  

Horse racing branches

In the UK, horse racing is split into two branches. Flat racing is simple and involves the horses running in a straight or curved track and whichever horse is first to pass is the winner. The National Hunt race, on the other hand, involves a series of obstacles that horses and jockeys must navigate in order to gain victory.

National Hunt categories

This part is split into hurdles and steeplechases. Horses in steeplechases must navigate fences higher than the hurdles and often include water jumps and open ditches. This greatly affects the odds of victory and involves more skill, but also increases the level of excitement that already comes with the sport.

Betting on horse racing

Arguably one of the most exciting part of horse-racing, seeing your betted horse reach the finish line can be exhilarating. The feeling of excitement that comes with testing your luck and analytical skills can give you the motivation to keep betting, and when you visit sites such as Unibet, the online casinos and online betting services can help manage your winnings.

Different types of betting

There are seven different possible ways you can bet in horse-racing. These are win bet, each way, single bet, multiple bets, straight forecast, reverse forecast and tricast. Win bet is probably the simplest, where you bet on the horse you think will win. Each way is a popular bet that involves backing a horse each way and varies when it comes to different races. A single bet is just that – you back a single event. A straight forecast is where you pick your top two horses in the correct finishing order, while reverse forecast is similar, but the horses may finish in different order. Tricast involves picking three in the correct order with a bigger gamble. It may be best to research the differences between these and see which one works best for you.

Patience and persistence is key

As with all games that involve money and luck, persistence is key. Don’t expect to win a lot on your first few tries – it may take a while to get a handle of things and there might not even be a “strategy” to ensure certain victory, but that hasn’t stopped anyone from trying. Keep at it as long as you enjoy the process and sooner or later, you will see your winnings pile up.

This is only a basic guide when it comes to horse-betting so make sure you do your research and find out as much as you can about the sport and the ways you can make the most out of betting.


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