Maytal Angel: An Angel’s Road Trip to Hollywood

By Nikki Artale

This is the amazing story of Maytal Angel who several years ago dreamed of traveling across the states, pursuing her dream of acting her way through 11 cities, in a cross-country acting challenge. Maytal started 1½ years ago from New York, with stops in Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta, Miami, New Orleans, Dallas, Las Vegas, and Portland. Her next stop is Hollywood, CA. 






Maytal started her journey by selling everything, gave up her New York apartment and ran a campaign to raise some money to start her road trip to Hollywood, which began in Boston. She had to book a gig in each city before she could advance there. She did a lot of couch surfing and did not know where her next meal of bed would be. She was brave to live on the edge and her courage was an inspiration on her road trip to her dreams in Hollywood. 

Maytal is a beautiful, accomplished actress-singer-dancer and is producing a document web series showing her travels and bookings in films, pilots, and live performances. Along the way, she has made many friends and gathered a lot of fans who share her enthusiasm and are inspired to realize their dreams too. 

I call her a modern day Mary Poppins who travels with one suitcase and manages to find room and board and food and a promising career in Hollywood. She is a pleasure to be with and will bring a smile to your face. Happy travels Maytal Angel. 


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