5 Logo Design Basics That Will Make Your Brand Noticeable

Advertising is the cornerstone for any sales campaign because customers will only buy a product after they are made aware of its existence in the market. Branding is what distinguishes your product from the rest. A logo is an integral part of your company’s brand. It’s arguably the face of your company. It quickly captures the attention of people and communicates your company’s core values uniquely. Logos can be used on billboards, apparels, business cards, stationery, mugs, and water bottles. Having your logo on custom printed lighters is among the most excellent ideas for branding your products.

Here are five logo design basics that you can use to achieve a logo that effectively communicates your brand to your target audience.

Team Work

Working on a corporate logo is not a simple task. It requires teamwork to brainstorm ideas and come down with the best concept that can convey a specific message. It involves experts ranging from designers, marketers to copywriters. There are tools that you can use to get the best from the professionals working on your company logo. One such tool is Workzone. The project management tool supports the collaboration of all the team working on the logo. They can send back and forth messages, assign tasks and check progress. Managers can supervise the team of professionals at ease. Working as a team is the best way to achieve the best logo for your organization.

Establish a connection

Your logo should establish a connection with your target audience. For that to happen, fast you need to establish your target audience. Once you know your target audience, you need to look for a way your logo can communicate and establish a connection with the target audience. Therefore, when making a logo for your company, your target audience should always be your focal point.

The logo should communicate your offer

A logo for a gym nails it when it communicates strength while a logo for a fast food should be light-hearted and relaxed. In short, a logo is excellent if it fits your industry type. A successful logo is one that arouses a certain feeling in the target audience. When a logo fits the industry type, it creates a brand for your products.

The font type speaks volumes

The font type you pick for your logo will speak volumes about your business. You should select your font type carefully. For instance, serif fonts exude professionalism, and so they are used mostly by print newspapers and academic institutions. Lifestyle blogs and tech start-ups prefer sanserif as it represents freshness. Hence typography is among the considerations for achieving the best logo for your company.

Color represents feelings

Getting the right color for your logo could be the one thing that makes your brand a success. Color dramatically impacts on the perception people attach to a brand.  Red is a color that draws attention. It portrays energy and strength and summons taking of action. Red can also make you feel hungry, and that’s why it’s used in many restaurants. Color blue, on the other hand, communicates dependability, trust, and honesty. Blue is best at building customer loyalty. Hence choose the color of your logo carefully.

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