Rock ‘n Roll Wine: An exclusive wine club in Las Vegas without the high price tag.

It makes you feel like you are on top of the world.

By Claudio Puggioni

Imagine yourself on the Las Vegas strip, high in the sky on the 63rd floor of Mandalay Bay Resort. Add the best views in town along with fine wines and great company and what do you get? One of the many Thursday nights Rock ‘n Roll Wine events.

Founder’s Club membership is value for money and the best-kept secret in Las Vegas, which I am sharing with you now. To become a Founder’s Club member is easy at the cost of $39.99 per year for a solo membership or $49.99 annually for membership for two. Membership grants you many privileges such as being invited to wine tastings every Thursday. You will also be offered free and discount show tickets. Add that to the sophisticated fun and upscale party atmosphere that is Rock ‘n Roll Wine, and it feels incredible.

I have been attending the Rock ‘n Roll Wine events for around three years now, first as a nonmember and now as a Founder’s Club member. The thrill and fun of being a Founder’s Club member of Rock ‘n Roll Wine goes far beyond money. It is a lifestyle.

Rock ‘n Roll Wine events include non-members, which is free to everyone over 21 years of age provided you RSVP as well as the exclusive Founder’s Club members events.

I want compliment Rock ‘n Roll Wine on the fantastic job they do and the great relationships they have developed over the years with clubs and bars like the Foundation Room, Blue Martini, Hearthstone, Bottiglia Cucina & Enoteca and many more. My favorite venue for Rock ‘n Roll Wine events is the Foundation Room. Described as high-class debauchery, I think that is very accurate. The cocktail servers are all wearing black, tight, corsets, laced up at the back making them look amazing and giving them an hourglass figure. The Foundation Room has numerous event and party rooms over several levels, and they are designed in a bohemian motif, blending spiritual enlightenment, jaw-dropping design along with high-class fun. The rooms seem to transport me to another place between reality and fantasy. When mixed with a few glasses of very nice wine, it soon becomes a surreal experience.

If you are a curious celebrity fan and wish to get an idea of which of the rich, famous people regularly frequent the Foundation Room, here is the secret. In some of the rooms, there are see-through beverage lockers with names on them. You will see big “A” list Hollywood stars names along with wealthy and well-known business people. The Foundation Room really is a premier place to be and be seen in Las Vegas.

Chris Hammond and Sonny Barton founded Rock ‘n Roll Wine in 2003. Over the years, Rock ‘n Roll Wine has held over 200 successful events. I look forward to seeing you at the next one.

Bottoms Up!

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