Men’s Quartz Watch with Leather Straps

Whether getting a gift for yourself or a man in your life, a classic watch makes for a great purchase.

This timeless piece is the perfect accessory that can be worn on a daily basis. For a classic look, consider a Men’s Quartz Watch with Leather StrapThis piece has notable features which make it stand out from among the competition.

Classic Design

Although many watches tell the time, the design of a watch can make a significant difference on a daily basis. This yellow gold watch features a simple design that’s easy to read and won’t go out of style. It can be worn while working or during leisure times. Perfect for business occasions, you can confidently wear this watch to the office. With a design that indicates luxury with a simple design, it makes the ideal gift.

The notable features of the watch include the auto date and chronograph. You can also choose this watch in a variety of metals. The rose gold with brown leather is the basic choice but consider the stainless steel design or other alternatives for more warm or cool tones.

Functional Design

In addition to having a stylish appearance, this watch also works well for your timekeeping needs. The movement is tracked with quartz, ensuring that you don’t lose or gain time when you’re on the go. It’s a water-resistant watch and can be worn splashes or brief immersion in the water. It’s not recommended that you go swimming in the water, but you can wear it around not having to worry about getting water on it, when it’s raining.

The leather band is also a notable feature that’s both functional and fashionable. Although many watches feature a metal band, you’ll find that the leather band is more comfortable to wear on a daily basis. It will conform to your wrist, especially with continued wearing and you’ll see that you don’t even notice that it’s there. Unlike metal bands which can catch on your skin, this band is over 7 inches long and will be comfortable for the entire day.

Reasonably Priced

When it comes to a good watch, the price can be a significant factor. However, the price of this timepiece is very reasonable. You would be hard pressed to find a piece that has this same quality at the same price. When you want to find a good combination of value and quality, then you’ve come to the right place. This piece is going to make you look like you’ve had a much higher investment.

When it comes to buying a watch, the form and function are all important to consider. This watch is a great value, and you can look your best without having to sacrifice quality. If you need to purchase a gift for a man in your life, then you may want to consider this watch. If you’re looking for a timepiece for yourself, then make sure that you consider this option. You will be amazed at how great you look on a daily basis.

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