Las Vegas Harley-Davidson holds Annual VIP Shopping Event and Party

A Glam Affair For All Harley-Davidson Lovers

By Claude Puggioni

Whether you are a long-term Harley-Davidson owner or have a Harley-Davidson on your bucket list, this is the place to visit. Las Vegas Harley-Davidson on the Strip hosted its annual VIP shopping event/clearance sale/party, and everything in the store is drastically reduced. This includes Harley-Davidson souvenirs, accessories, clothing and, of course, motorbikes. There are motorbikes of all shapes, sizes, colors and price ranges from $6,000 to $50,000.

One of my favorites is the three-wheeled trike. They cost between $20,000 and $30,000 plus change depending on if new or used. To my surprise, I was told by the friendly and informative salesperson Chester, that the rider of a trike does not need to have a motorbike license, nor must they wear a helmet. Even though the trike is an all Harley-Davidson motorbike, the DMV classifies it as a car. This gives the freedom for many more people to enjoy the Harley-Davidson wind-in-the-hair experience without the need to get a motorbike license. Since it is a trike (having three wheels), you can’t fall off. It’s super cool, head turning and very safe, and I can see myself buying one soon.

This event was open to all who RSVP’d on the Harley-Davidson website. There were raffles, giveaways, free food and drinks, and the DJ played biker music like “Born to Be Wild” and “Easy Rider.” It put me in a great mood.

On display, there are pre-owned bikes as well as 2018 models at significantly reduced prices approaching the end of the year. Now on display are new release 2019 models. For engine lovers, there are motorbikes with the more common but very cool 107 model engine as well as the sort after and more powerful 114 model and the hellishly fast, G-force ripping 117 model. Salivating and dreaming is part of a visit to Las Vegas Harley-Davidson. The dream of owning a Harley, with some planning, can become a reality.

Las Vegas Harley-Davidson also rent motorbikes so if your current budget won’t allow for a purchase, renting a Harley-Davidson and having a weekend of Harley-Davidson fun is within everyone’s reach. The other option is leasing. If you are interested in any of these three options, call 702.431.8500, visit the showroom at 5191 Las Vegas Blvd. S. or its website.

For a great deal, tell them Claude from the Las Vegas Informer sent you.

Make lasting memories and safe riding.



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