Mama’s Wranglers bring good music, fun shows, and tasty food in Firelight Barn Dinner Theater

Holiday shows, Honky Tonk Christmas, will be performed Dec. 13-22.

By Debbie Hall

Clogging, playing an array of instruments, and 4-part vocal harmonies are just part of Mama’s Wranglers. This family plays together and stays together, and when not touring, perform in their newly opened Firelight Barn Dinner Theater in downtown Henderson.

The barbecue dinner is offered chuck wagon style, and there are vegetarian options. Other artists and shows are featured in the theater located in downtown Henderson as part of the redevelopment of the community. The group would like to build an actual barn to house the dinner theater eventually.

Toni, the mama of the group, sings as well as plays bass and keyboards. As she grew her family to include six children, Toni discovered that they inherited both love and talent for music. When they were young, the children performed playing fiddles and other instruments.

Now they have grown up, and two have left the group to pursue other interests. The oldest in the group is Tess (banjo, mandolin, drums, fiddle, and vocals). Next is the one remaining brother in the group, Grayden (guitar, fiddle, drums, clogging, and vocals). In the middle is Mickinzie (mandolin, fiddle, drums, harmonica, clogging, and vocals). The youngest, who is still a teenager, is Skyler (keyboard, fiddle, drums, clogging, yodeling, and vocals).

“I love being the youngest in the group,” admits Skyler. Even though the show they perform is county and western music and traditional American tunes, Skyler’s friends embrace her career move. “My close friend loves to support what I do. My friends think what I do is very cool, especially being this close with my family.”

All of the members love what they do, making this a career and lifestyle. Still, education is very important, and everyone is either working on a degree or have already graduated. Tess is married, but at the moment, there are no little wranglers to be included.

“We have developed a closeness as a family because of all of the time we get to spend together,” Mickinzie adds. “We are doing something that is positive and happy to have an impact on others which is really special to me.”

Ironically, offers have been made to members of the group to perform as a solo act or duet. However, everyone wants to play together.

“Our vocals are strong because when siblings vocalize, there is a blend that cannot be duplicated by singers who are not related to each other,” Toni explains. “There is a real value to all of us performing, and our audience relates to that. We plan to stay together, and I am so happy and excited to continue to build the dream.”

The family, including Toni, were born and raised in Utah. Toni followed in her mother’s footsteps teaching music when Toni became a stay at home mom. Toni, along with her children, can play a variety of instruments. While Toni can read music, the children can also play by ear as well as read music.

It was a seven-month gig with a resort brought the family to Las Vegas, and now Southern Nevada is now their home. They are part of the community, donating their time and talent for charity.

Mama’s Wranglers have toured in 49 states (Hawaii is on their bucket list), Canada, and Europe. They add their own spin on western classics like “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” and “Ghost Riders.” Humor is also a big part of their act.

Honky Tonk Christmas with Mama’s Wranglers will perform at the Firelight Barn Dinner Theater Dec. 13-22 beginning at 6:30. Other shows and artists are scheduled after the holiday show including Dog House & Cowboy Kisses and Hay Fever. To check the calendar and for more information, visit and



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