diptyque: The Legend of the North for the Holidays

By Debbie Hall

Traditions during the holiday season are cherished including reading familiar tales such as “Twas the Night before Christmas.” diptyque and Pierre Marie have created a winter’s legends awakening spirits from imaginary folklore as well as offering products that correspond with the tale.

The Legend of the North began in the longest night of the year when three travelers met. The first traveler was from the South, the terrain of high mountains with deep caves. The second one was from the West with the deep seas that nourish the people and land. The third one came from the territory of tall, thick forests. All three were traveling to the snow-covered grounds of the North.

When the three of them arrived and began the ritual of each lighting a candle and placing at their feet.

The spirit of the South is an exquisite almond candle.

Oh Shine, Exquisite Almond candle,

Sound the Bell of the Bear Spirit and ward off the greedy hour.

Spreading in the air delicious volutes of almond and tonka bean.



The spirit of the West is an amber balm candle.

Burn, Amber Balm candle! May the wind rise, bring with it the song of the Mermaid, and the perfume of her pearly hair.

A gracious accord between vanilla and benzoin, enhanced by the freshness of lavender.



The spirit of the East is the pine tree of light candle.

From this light is born the captivating scent of fir trees, warmed by the delicate, neighboring cedars.

The flames of the candles blazed high as the Bear of the South, the Mermaid of the West, and Deer of the East guided the travelers to the secret of the North. A Golden Compass appeared and each traveler was granted a wish.

Much like the holidays, wishes can come true with unique, one-of-a-kind products unique to each location of diptyque, with the latest location at the Wynn Las Vegas. Luxuriate in legendary French perfumes, luxury scented candles, home fragrances, and body care collections.

The diptyque story began in Paris at 34 boulevard Saint-Germain with three friends. Christiane Gautrot was an interior designer, Desmond Knox-Leet painted, and Yves Coueslant worked as a theater director and set designer. The first two collaborated designing fabrics and wallpaper for Liberty and Sanderson. In 1961, they opened a shop to display their designs which developed into a one-of-a-kind bazaar.

Visit the store at Wynn Plaza Shops at Wynn Las Vegas, 3131 Las Vegas Blvd. S. or visit diptyqueparis.com.


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