Chambord Liqueur pairs with favorite French fragrances of diptyque

Newest diptyque store opens at Wynn Plaza Shops celebrating with The Chambord Royale Cocktail

By Debbie Hall

It was a pairing of Scents & Sip during the VIP opening of diptyque at the Wynn Plaza Shops. The fragrances of the holiday scents of pine, amber, and almond enhanced the light and delight of a signature cocktail served, The Chambord Royale Cocktail.

This divine drink combines 1/3 ounce of Chambord liqueur, any fizz you fancy and a raspberry. Pour Chambord into a flute glass, add the fizz and garnish with the raspberry as a perfect holiday drink.

VIPS, press, and influencers sipped the holiday drink, snacked on sweet and savory scones and enjoyed the ambiance of diptyque. The scents were intoxicating, the décor memorizing, and the party embraces the joy of the season with the anticipation of shopping.

The black raspberry liqueur is crafted in the province of Chambord on the lands of a French château in the Loire Valley. First, the freshest blackberries and raspberries are chosen, squeezed, and soaked in French spirits for four weeks. More French spirits are added with more soaking for an additional two weeks. The infused fruit is pressed for its natural juices and sugars, and a sweet base is created.

Next comes the blending of extracts of juicy black raspberry and blackcurrants. Fine French cognac, sweet Madagascan vanilla, and fragrant herbs are added. The Master Blender balances the flavors that make Chambord a perfect combination of sweetness but not overpowering.

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