Beauty Innovation 2018 – A Round-up of the Year’s Best

With 2018 winding down, it’s definitely been a year of beauty innovation with hundreds of new products to try.

Some of the year’s best discoveries include:

QYKsonic ZOE, a three-in-one beauty brush and facial massager that gently cleanses and removes dead skin and makeup, while also enhances your beauty regime, helping to apply your favorite skincare products more intensely. Three new luxury models,  Bliss, Luxx and Plus, were unveiled this month, just in time for the holiday season.

PURenergizer Complete Anti-Aging Kit features ultrasonic nanotechnology that transforms three targeted serums, MAX Defense Lift & Firm, Moisture Magnet Anti-Aging, and MAX Brightening, into a potent “nano-vapor” that can penetrate more deeply into the skin.

The FasciaBlaster by Ashley Black is the self-massage tool for massaging the fascia and muscles on almost any area of the body can temporarily lessen the appearance of cellulite, while TheFaceBlaster is wonderful for delicate facial skin.

Top skincare brands include literally anything by pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical company BENEV that provides scientifically advanced, effective regimes to promote optimum skin health with its selection of serums, creams, and masks, all tailored to one’s skin type.

Northern Canada’s Aurum Skincare collaborated with pharmaceutical biochemist Dr. Peter Sutton to develop a specialized natural treatment process akin to fermentation. The brand’s Calming Birch Serum and Mask feature bio-fermented birch water to soothe and reduce skin sensitivity, while providing deep hydration.

The legendary brand Georgette Klinger, founded in 1941, revamped this year with stylish rose gold packaging and a new product collection, including the ultra fine and gentle gel Bamboo Exfoliating Scrub.

Always amazed by the latest concoctions by Beauty Kitchen by Heather Marianna, whose addictive offerings in 2018 included  Pumpkin Enzyme Peeling Mask, Cashmere Glow Body Polish and a monthly Beauty Box program.

Also of note are Viva La Peau’s oil free protective moisturizer SPF 30, a luxury sunscreen for all skin types, available on Amazon, and organic botanical solutions from the United Kingdom by Vita-Electric Skin & Hair featuring Body Velvet All-in-One Buttercream.

With CBD all the rage right these days, many new skincare new products feature hemp and CDB oil as key ingredients, including Color Up Therapeutics’ Dark Circle Reduction & Firming Eye Cream, Verte Essentials’ Esprit de Rose Facial Mist and KANA Skincare’s sleeping masks in lavender hemp or purple rice hemp.  If you happen to live in or will be in the Los Angeles area, an appointment for  The CBD RX – Ultimate Beauty Experience by medical esthetician Renee Lynn, is a must on the agenda.  Lynn’s amazing beauty treatment features pumpkin enzyme peel, ultrasonic microdermabrasion, CBD infusion and intense hydration therapy with her C Youth line of products.

Parfumerie House of Sillage recently expanded into cosmetics with its lipstick line and bow-shaped, enamel finished cases, encrusted with Swarovski crystals, available online and at Neiman Marcus. Also for the lips is Tevia Rose satin lip conditioner made with honey, jasmine extract and Kokum butter.

My absolute favorite make up item of the year is Double Shade Eyebrow Gels by 4Ever Magic, easy to apply, long-lasting gels that instantly fill in brows to create a truly natural look, with no hard lines or mistakes.

Looking forward to what 2019 will bring!

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