Eataly at Park MGM: Mangiare!

By David G. Friedman

Eataly is what your neighborhood Italian restaurant dreams about growing up to be someday. It is magnificent. Eataly offers the very finest of Italian themed foods throughout its entire expanse of numerous restaurants and market counters. The meat counter is equal or better to anything that I’ve seen anywhere; in all likelihood the very best in Las Vegas, with all due respect to some of the other fine purveyors. This is not your supermarket meat. You can get fine aged steaks priced at $30 to $40 (or more) per pound, but it appears to be very worth it if you’re into super premium.

Cheese collection is the antithesis of Monte Pythons cheese store sketch, which they had no cheese at all. Eataly has every Italian cheese you have ever (or never) heard of; likely cheeses from animals I have never heard of; fragrant and intriguing. If you’re into the fine varieties of fermented milk, look no further.

Similarly fish ranges from fine Scottish salmon to exotic species not otherwise seen locally. All selections of meats, fish, and cheese may be professionally prepared on the spot for a plateage fee. Similarly, wine selection is phenomenal, which is saying something in a city with three-story automated wine cellars. At the highest end expect to pay over $100 per small sample with many more affordable choices available.

You should have a not just a field day but a field month in trying all the selections. Fresh pastries abound everywhere and look to be extremely nice. There is a choice of sit down pizzeria or a slice pizzeria that has a bountiful selection of Roman-style pizza, although I didn’t wish to wait on the extended line. The biggest problem is going to be adding more cashiers to be able to accommodate the influx of customers looking to chow down on the fine examples of pizza. You will not mistake this for any franchise.

Throughout they have a beautiful sensibility. Food is not just sustenance; it is an art form when performed at this level. They prepare handmade mozzarella daily right in front of you, which they in turn supply to all the other restaurants to be used in a prompt fashion. This is a wonderful new addition to cooking as performance art and a very welcome addition.

You are going to love this place. It really seeks to extend everything MGM has been looking to accomplish as they move up market in both price and sophistication. Eataly sets a new standard, not just for Italian but for any dining in Las Vegas, accepting a very strong challenge to be able to bring something new to the local culinary scene. Let us rejoice for happy eating and entertaining.

Welcome, Park MGM and Eataly to the Las Vegas scene as MGM ups its game. Park MGM is a wonderful upgrade from the venerable Monte Carlo and brings a whole new look and sensibility. Since an earlier visit several weeks ago when it was a maze of construction walls it has been transformed. It’s now pleasantly and attractively open throughout with really upgraded facilities in the entire facility with first class amenities throughout.

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