Preschools Learning Trends in Los Angeles

Considering the uniqueness of each student, schools in Los Angeles is following diverse philosophies. Beyond learning number and the alphabets, developing a strong vocabulary in childhood is essential for long-term success and communication. They have to learn sophisticated conversation styles. Ultimately, a child will be exposed to different words, so preschools need special strategies for the art of communication.

Schelle Rocher from LAUP(Los Angeles Universal Preschool), an organization to improve preschools of Los Angeles, points toward the importance of vocabularies. Strong vocabularies help children to have a lively conversation. Rocher points to online resources available to teach children. These may help parents to offer conversation prompts to your children. Here are some examples to assist. Accompany your children to the grocery store while shopping and motivate them to tell you the name of food items. There must be some warm-up questions during bath time. For example, do you like to float or sink with rubber ducks? Here are some preschools learning trends in Los Angeles.

Creative Expression and Thinking

Joseph Thomas, Director Patricia A. of St. James Episcopal Preschool, stresses dancing, drawing and imaginative play at school and home. If you ask a child to paint a wall or an image of a flower, you might ask:

  • Can you recognize a tree?
  • Do you have a tree in your backyard?

These engagements may extend the learning procedure and encourage creative thinking of children. Activities like dramatic play can help you to raise an organized child. Negotiate rules and create sequences. These are essential elements of social-emotional development. Songs can be a good way to stimulate the brain of a child.

Motor Skills

Special programs for children use crayons and Play-Doh. These crafty activities are important to strengthen the muscles of little hands and build motor skills. Motor skills are essential for children while cutting with scissors and writing with chalk or pencil. Keep it in mind that electronic tablets can’t replace manual puzzles. If you are allowing your child to use tablets, smartphones or any other smart device, you are just killing their creativity. AnetDanielyan, a teacher at Elementary Kitteridge School, Van Nuys stresses the use of manipulative toys, blocks, LEGOS, and puzzles for the mental development of your children.

Gross Motor Skills

Keep it in mind that gross motor skills can impact the athletic prowess and playground skills. A study of Oregon State University proves that powerful gross motor skills predict healthier social behavior. The study explains that there is nothing to worry if a child is not showing the signs of an athlete before his/her preschools in Los Angeles.

Parents often hold back their children for potty-training or something similar. A Ph.D. director of Pilgrim School of Los Angeles, Sheryl Cohen, said that there is no need to worry about physical development. Each child grows at his/her own rate.

Moreover, persistent is another critical factor in schools. Closely monitor their behavior on failures. They should learn to try again instead of falling apart after an unsuccessful experienced. Teach them that their practice can make them perfect. Repetition can be frustrating, but you have to motivate them for this.

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