Angela Carlson N.D Brings Spirit of Sustainability to Naturopathic Medicine

Angela Carlson’s path to becoming a naturopathic physician was somewhat non-traditional. Unlike many of her peers in the field of medicine, she had little interest in becoming a doctor as a college student. What was important to her was the environment.

“I have always valued and appreciated nature and I have an insatiable curiosity about how the natural world works,” she said. “In college, I studied nutrition, sustainable ecology, sustainable agriculture, organic agriculture, and physiology. After I graduated and was in my mid-twenties, I sought a profession that would bring my interests together and allow me to help people. My career in naturopathic medicine is really a culmination of the things I value the most.”

“I want to understand the way that the body works in the same way that I have always wanted to understand how trees and plants work.”

The not – so – exciting and dry teachings of early medical school were challenging for Dr. Carlson.

“Eventually, I got my feet underneath me and learned as much as I could,” she said. “After about four or five years in medical school, I really started to step into a naturopathic doctor-like role.”

After graduating from medical school, Dr. Carlson became a resident physician in a prestigious medical practice.

“As a resident, I started to gain more confidence in myself as a doctor,” she said. “I learned a lot from the different doctors I worked with. They taught me many things about IV therapy, botanical medicine, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, chiropractic adjustments and other aspects of natural medical treatment.  One of the most important things I learned was that there are a lot of different ways to treat a patient.”

Dr. Carlson did a second residency for one year in Helena, Montana with a focus on women’s health issues.

“Being a woman, it was very helpful to be able to treat other women,” she said. “That residency also gave me my first exposure to the business side of medical practice. I learned about budgets, and the ins and outs of operating a medical business.”

Next, Dr. Carlson moved to Oregon and worked in another very busy clinic.

“Since the practice was in Oregon, we were licensed as a primary care facility,” she said. “At that clinic, I dealt with a lot of chronic and complex health conditions. It was very challenging but my confidence and skill as a doctor really grew from the experience.”

In March 2018, Dr. Carlson decided to move to the southwest and started working in a clinic in Las Vegas. After six months of working there, she realized that the time had come to start her own practice.

“I have been working as a naturopathic doctor for six years now,” she said. “Working with some very sick patients has taught me to be thorough in recognizing health indicators. I’m looking to prevent things from happening rather than always treating the disease. Obesity and diabetes are preventable with changes in your lifestyle.”

“My greatest strength is my bedside manner. I have compassion for my clients and I spend a lot of time with them. I also offer very up-to-date knowledge in the field of naturopathic medicine.”

One of her most sought- after services is food sensitivity testing. Through these tests, she can discover foods that can cause inflammation in the body. Inflammation can lead to a host of other concerns such as weight gain and chronic pain.

Dr. Carlson offers a complimentary 15-minute meet & greet to prospective clients.

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