The Tools You Need For The Perfect Vape

Its the holy grail of all pro vapers to find themselves in possession of the perfect kit. The tools you need to achieve this are diverse and person-specific, though, on the whole, there are some products that you should always be on the lookout for in your search for the pinnacle of vaping excellence. This article takes a walk through all the tools you will require to build the most dreamy vape to service your tastes, able to provide you with hits of satisfaction all day, every day.

Tool Kit

Its worth introducing from the start that any pro vaper on a quest for perfection should have a specialized vaping toolkit to help them refine, repair and remake their apparatus. You’ll be able to buy these odds and ends – like coil wire, cotton wicks and mini pliers – from all the major vaping sites.

Spares and Repairs

As with your toolkit, you should also keep a good supply of your spares and also broken components that you might be able to scavenge useful parts from. Your perfect vape is likely going to be made up of several parts, so the more you have, the more likely you are to find vaping Nirvana. Besides, its kind to the environment for you to reuse your products.


Youre looking for two things from your hardware – a stylish look, and supreme functionality. Only with these two combined will you feel youve got the very best kit money can buy. Where functionality is concerned in the battery space, make sure youre buying high-wattage, long-lasting batteries to supplement your vaping needs and tastes. Variable settings will help you refine your vape to perfection.


The same can be said with your atomizer – that you should focus jointly on visual design elements and the functionality of your purchases. Happily, many of the finest providers of tanks and atomizers are as keen to make your device look awesome as they are to make you vape like a pro. Look out especially for those with easy-to-refill chambers and well-reviewed, easy to replace coils to get maximal longevity.


There are also various products out there to choose from depending on the type of vape experience you are aiming for. Check out the latest vape flavors to match your palette by searching rigorously online.

Small Touches

Theres no end to the finishing touches you can make to your device to make it utterly perfect, endlessly functional, and delightfully bold and attractive. A small but significant example is the drip tips youre able to personalize for both the feel of your inhale and the look of your device. But the truth is the visual side of your device can always be changed – with new wraps and shiny additions to give it that added visual appeal.

This guide will help you build the perfect electronic cigarette from a selection of tools in order to achieve the best vaping experience possible.


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