CES: High Tech Hot Water

By David G. Friedman

At CES hiding among all the electronic whiz-bangs of the modern age lurked one of the few really new technologies introduced among all the glitz, self-driving grocery stores, robots, high tech baby diapers, flying and underwater drones and 8K TVs. It’s a modern take on the hot water heater of all things.

In order to heat hot water, you have to either burn gas or operate electrical filaments at high temperatures to bring the water up to the 140 degrees. However, there’s now a new way of doing it. Heatworks (www.myheatworks.com) has an entirely new approach; they use OHMIC ARRAY technology with graphite electrodes and advanced electronic control, to vibrate the naturally occurring minerals in the water. This efficiently instantly heats the water and nothing gets hotter than the water itself, no more 700-degree flames or filaments.  One of the side benefits is they get zero scaling and corrosion making for a long problem free lifetime.

Now, this is a radical change. Unlike the traditional water heater that must generate tremendous heat just to get some warm water, in many cases at a far distant part of the house, using Heatworks tank-less technology only the water itself gets heated on demand to just the desired temperature at a claimed 99 percent efficiency.

Heatworks’ Model 3, priced at $899 claims average savings of $240/year. Multiplied by millions of homes and businesses, billions of dollars may be saved throughout the economy. Both CES and TIME have recently awarded the new technology prestigious awards.  Upcoming adaptations include a battery operated carafe for making coffee, tea and the like. Yes, that is a battery operated water heater! Also forthcoming is a tabletop fully portable self-contained dishwasher which uses a single gallon of water with no plumbing required.

As Ohmic Array technology gets widespread introduction, considerable savings in the power usage versus comparable electric or gas water heater may be realized while at the same time reducing maintenance, as the system is not prone to scaling, corrosion and all the other issues that we’ve all dealt with in our hot water heaters; hello flood cleanup. So from the humblest of product categories at CES we now have something truly new.

A hot shower can now be enjoyed using the latest high technology to heat up the water and leave less of a footprint or raise the water bill.

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