5 Ways to Improve Document Management in the Law Office

Law offices have to deal with tons of documents in their day-to-day operations. Most of these documents are sensitive and confidential, making it important to have a robust system in place. Here are some of the best practices in document management in law firms.

Store Them On the Cloud

One of the best things to do is to try our cloud case management software. This way, the documents can be stored on the cloud to improve accessibility. There is no need to go through thick piles of documents just to find one that is relevant to the case. With cloud technology, search terms can be used to go through gazillions of files and easily find one that is needed.

For a promising cloud case management system that can also be used as legal billing software, check out what Rocket Matter has to offer.

Use a Matter-Centric Software

With the digitization of the legal industry, you will be confronted with tons of options when it comes to the document management system to use. However, take note that this should not give you an excuse to choose just any software. Many of these platforms are designed for the masses, which might be inefficient for your needs. Choose one that is matter-centric, which simply means that it should be customized based on what law firms require.  

Have a Defined User Access

This is important for the security of the data that is available in the office. If there are physical copies of sensitive documents, they must be kept in a location that cannot be easily accessed by the public. In the same way, if they are stored in the cloud, there should be layers of protection that will prevent unauthorized access. The use of a password and a strong encryption program will be necessary.

Name the Files Properly

Proper naming of files, whether physical or electronic, is one thing that is not given attention in law offices despite its importance. This is critical because it makes it easier to search for a document that is needed, especially if this has to be done manually. Some of the best practices for file naming include using short names, using a standard date format, and being consistent.

Train Users

Whether it is lawyers, legal assistants, or anyone in the law office with access to the documents, it is important to provide proper training. Document management should be viewed as an integral part of the office operations, which is why the users should be trained on the best practices. This will prevent problems in the future and will also help to ensure security.

Document management is one of the pillars of successful law firm operation, which is sadly often ignored by many. Take note of the things that have been mentioned above to have a proper system in place, making sure that the legal documents are handled in the best way possible.

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