AVN Expo 2019 Titillates Yet Again at the Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas

Adult entertainment expo where the industry and fans collide in a most stimulating way!

Written and Photography by Claude Puggioni

Adult Video Magazine sponsors the AVN Expo each year, and this event has become legendary across the world. After all these years, sex obviously still sells.

The AVN Expo is an adult’s sexual fantasies come true. The expo is a pleasure paradise filled with famous and soon-to-be-famous, scantily dressed adult performers or talent as they are known in the industry. I saw more boobs and butts in a few days than I have in years. The talent is made up of men and women, and they are only too happy to chat or pose with attendees for photos, and surprisingly, they allow attendees to take as many pictures as they like and ask questions, usually of a sexual nature, and all for free with an AVN Expo pass! This way, when fans tell their AVN Expo stories back home, they can back them up with photos and videos or else friends may not believe those wild tales.

As I entered these halls of pleasure, talent from numerous competing companies was lined up in sexy and provocative clothing or should I say, lack of clothing, grabbing everyone’s attention. The faces in the lineup of talent change regularly, therefore, AVN Expo management has compiled a calendar so fans know exactly when they can meet their favorite talent. I found the talent is very friendly and will chat with fans as long as they can. They laugh, joke, flirt, cuddle, hug, flash parts of their bodies and tease the fans to the point of distraction. I can imagine the thrill for a fan who has been following the career of an adult performer, possibly for years, to finally meet, talk, take a photo together, flirt and play around then hug goodbye. This is a dream come true for many. This event has all the excitement of an awards night in the Hollywood film industry plus sex appeal. Not a virgin could be found high and low at the AVN Expo, and it is indeed a sight to behold.

Due to technological advances, the adult industry now has competition from silicon, life-size, lifelike, love dolls. Some are so advanced that they seem close to the real thing. They are fitted with the latest artificial intelligence technology,   advanced computers and vibrating naughty parts. I heard several attendees saying that soon we won’t need human sex partners anymore. Whether you think that is a good or a bad thing, sex partner technology has cum such a long way, who knows where it will get to in the future.

The adult novelty section is, or ANE is a sensual fantasy world unto itself. They have everything for sale from tiny vibrators that can be taped to your underwear for use when and where the need arises to the largest dildos I have ever seen weighing a massive 35 pounds. What the? Everything in between including but not limited to Viagra for men, stimulating creams for him and her, anything and everything that vibrates including penises and vaginas of all sizes, silicon boobs, butts, torso’s, half body, full bodies, butt plugs, you name it they have it. For those who have never been into an adult store, this would be heart attack territory first time. You may not sleep for several days when you see what sex toys are out there far beyond your wildest expectations.

The talent working in the adult industry are people with feelings, emotions and need for support and understanding. Fortunately, there is a support group, The Cupcake Girls who provide free, confidential support to those working in the adult industry. This year their doors were open yet again to those that needed them or just wanted to pop in for a chat. They offer free hairdressing, free makeup, a shower and a place to drink, eat and feel safe. The Cup Cake Girls are all volunteers, and everyone including their founder Joy Hoover are extraordinary people. At the AVN Expo, the adult industry is fast-moving with fast-talking people. Fans are often in your face, combined with the stresses of life and a bustling, busy industry, The Cupcake Girls lounge is a true oasis in the midst of this controlled chaos which is the AVN.

Gentlemen’s Clubs in Las Vegas such as Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club and Sapphires and several others in Las Vegas feature after parties in honor of the AVN Expo. This year, Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club had a massive presence at the AVN Expo. They were promoting their brand along with other clubs owned by the Parent company Déjà Vu Services Inc. During the AVN Expo, Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club gave away countless numbers t-shirts, novelties, hats, beanies, key rings, and many gifts items to all who wanted them and all for free. The manager of the Hustler Club Las Vegas, Frankie, does a fantastic job promoting the brand.

The Hard Rock Hotel which is well known for parties and fun takes it up a few notches really coming alive during the AVN Expo. People wear whatever they like, and for example, I saw girls walking around in teeny tiny bikinis at 2 a.m., some guys dressed as their favorite sexed-up video game characters and all kinds of costumes and outfits. It really is a unique experience and a sight to behold. The Hard Rock lobby turns into a crowd watchers parade that runs for four continuous days and nights, and one does not need an AVN Expo pass to enter and crowd watch. As Sir Richard Branson and his Virgin Hotels group has now purchased the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, it is yet to be seen if the AVN Expo 2019 was the last to AVN Expo be held there. I certainly hope not as the Hard Rock is an ideal location and set up for such an event. Come on Richard, let’s do this all over again next year, please!

This year’s AVN Expo was sold out, and with ticket prices ranging from $175 to $2,500 per person, this confirms how popular this event is. Although it is not for everyone, it is a titillating, sexy, and fun experience for those open-minded people who have the opportunity to attend. It attracts fans from all demographics and from all over the world including the curious, first-timers, veterans, retired adult industry workers and many more. The list is endless, but the reason for attending is unanimous, adults love sex, pure and simple.

This expo can be broken down into three main categories, the AVN Expo with the talent and performers, AVN Adult Novelty Expo is also known as ANE for adult pleasure products and InterNEXT (Adult Digital Conference). InterNEXT is for webmasters and affiliates offering seminars and courses for IT and CEOs in the industry.

The AVN Expo culminates with the evening awards ceremony on the last day of this event being a Saturday each year. I had the pleasure of being on the red carpet for the first time, and it gave me an insight into how the awards night is run. It is a very serious affair, and to the adult industry, this award ceremony is as big as the Oscars are to Hollywood. On the red carpet the talent was dressed to the nines, men in tuxedos and women in long, sexy gowns and many one of a kind evening dresses. They all looked gorgeous. The first talent to walk out was the Austrian legend, Mick Blue, both a famous adult film actor and a professional race car driver. Then the ladies appeared, first Athena Faris and then Gianna Dior, both nominated for awards that night.   The passing parade of award nominees seemed endless and went on for over one hour with no breaks, reporters, and photographers from all over the world come to cover this event. It is a very exclusive and gala affair for the best performers in their class.

The Adult industry is a multibillion-dollar business annually, and the AVN Expo is indeed a unique and special experience for attendees. I left the AVN Expo smiling, happy and titillated. Keep an open mind and come join the festivities next year. I might see you there.

May all your fantasies come true in 2019.

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