2019 CrossFit Rulebook: 6 Important Changes You Need to Know About

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All You Need to Know About CrossFit

For people who are unaware of what CrossFit is, it is good to start off with a quick introduction. It is a lifestyle change that is a mix of a kind and healthy diet and regular exercise. It is safe for the bod as well and can be used to reach any fitness goals that you might have from losing weight to having greater stamina and many more. The CrossFit training program is designed in such a way that anyone, from newbies to experienced pros, can do it.

So, what are the changes in the arena of CrossFit in 2019?

  1. Transgender athletes can now openly participate in CrossFit events. With the sport moving ahead with the times, it has now been decreed that transgenders can participate in any event without any discrimination.
  2. National champions from every country will be invited to take part in the 2019 CrossFit Games. It is a tall order since they have to be the very best in their country to qualify, but it also makes entry easier for talented athletes the world over.
  3. The athletes going into the games will now be ranked unanimously at the CrossFit games like any other sport. There are talks of an elimination round to have only the best athletes compete in the finals.
  4. It has now been decreed post the last debacle that only rowers from Concep2 can be used to compete in the CrossFit Games this year. This is a good move as it clears confusion and puts every athlete at an equal footing.
  5. You might also be interested in knowing that according to the latest rulebook, you need to be a claimed citizen of the country you are representing. Else there are chances of disqualification from the Games. You have to either be the winner of a CrossFit event or be the best in your own country to qualify for the Games.
  6. Finally, and most interestingly, there are new cash prizes to be won this year! The amount of the prize money goes to USD 2019, keeping in terms with the calendar year, which is to be awarded each week to the top score by an individual, both men, and women, the world over! It can be claimed by submitting a video of the athlete’s workout session before the given deadline. This should be an exciting time!

Now that you know more about the regime of CrossFit and the rules don’t wait. Try it out. It will not only be fun but also keep you healthy and fit.

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