5 Big Clues You Missed in the ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3 Teaser and Poster

You might love playing online games, especially if you have a sugarhouse casino promo code, but did you know that you have been missing out with some exciting things on your TV? If you’re a fan of the supernatural, the two shows you cannot miss out on are Stranger Things and Game of Thrones. Unfortunately, the latter is about to end, and while that does merit some tears, did you miss out on some major clues?

The talk of the town throughout the last year has been about two things. Firstly, when is the final season of Game of Thrones finally releasing and secondly, when is the new season of Stranger Things gracing our screens on Netflix. And now with the poster and trailer of Stranger Things Season 3 online, it is time for fans to sit back and dissect everything about it in detail. So here is a compiled list of five vital clues that you might have missed in the poster and the trailer!

  1. ‘When Blue and Yellow Meet in the West’ is one of the biggest catchphrases of the trailer, and the characters of Eleven and Mike are seen wearing clothes of those colors in the poster. While the meaning is still not clear, there is no doubt that this will play a pivotal role in the latest series.
  2. ‘The Silver Cats Feed’ seem to be a sort of a computer code that could be activated when it is midnight at the Food Court. Also, there are speculations that at midnight of July 4, a display of fireworks is going to potentially distract people from whatever sinister the code is trying to achieve.
  3. A number ending with a teen in Russian. Speculations again say that Russian spies are going to play a pivotal role this season. And with the Stranger Things children all in their teens, this unknown number in Russian could mean some serious trouble. But Eleven, might after all not be their target. Whew. That might be a relief.
  4. There is a brief, very brief, display of the logo of Save The Children in the teaser and while this might be a mere coincidence, experience has taught us that the makers of the show don’t include anything in the frame just for the heck of it. So do the children really need saving? We guess only time will tell.
  5. Rats (seriously?!) might end up playing a role in the new season of Stranger Things as hinted at by the poster. In fact, the name of the second episode of the season is titled ‘The Mall Rats,’ and while that might just refer to the people in the mall, it might also be a reference to the rats who might have been infected by the Upsidedown.

Well, these are only clues as of now. We have to now wait for July 4 to see how close we are to the truth! Come on Netflix, do a favor and turn the wheels of time faster, will you?!

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