The Best Places to Visit in Las Vegas for Visitors and Locals

High Roller
By Denise Truscello

Although for residents, the neon lights of the strip or the clatter of the casinos might just be part of daily life, these Vegas icons are must-sees and dos for tourists. If you are visiting the City of Lights for the first time, or even if you are a long-term resident set on rediscovering the city’s magic, here is the low-down on the best attractions in the city.

Hike Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon can provide a welcome relief to tourists exhausted from the 24/7 partying that Vegas has to offer. The canyon is home to red sandstone, the Keystone Thrust Fault and Native American petroglyphs, all of which provide a spectacular place to hike and enjoy. Due to its position within the Mojave desert, 25 miles west of Las Vegas, you will be unable to reach the park on foot or by public transportation alone. To get there and to follow the scenic routes around the park, you should find cheap car rentals near me .

Wander Down the Strip and Downtown

The Strip is what draws most people to Las Vegas, with its overwhelmingly bright neon lights and casinos clinking. However, do not worry if gambling is not high on your priority list. There is a wide selection of other things to do on the Strip and downtown, including top restaurants, world-class shows, and the rollercoasters at Adventuredome. Some of the best attractions downtown include the graveyard of Prohibition Era casino signs in the Neon Museum and the over 1 million lights on the Strip.

Visit the Casinos

Whether you are a casino newbie wanting to learn how to gamble or a seasoned veteran, the casinos of Las Vegas are world-famous and worth visiting, if simply to experience the atmosphere. Casinos cater to everyone’s favorite gambling method, from slot machines to poker championships. Many casinos offer free classes to beginners, allowing you to be prepared for the casino floor without any prior knowledge.

See the Themed Hotels

However, the themed hotels are, by far, the greatest spectacles of Vegas. Stop at the Bellagio to watch its infamous dancing fountains play with water and water every 15-30 minutes, seeing for yourself the hotel that has been on screen in some of the most famous American movies. The Bellagio is also the home of a botanic garden and Cirque D’ Soleil’s ‘O’ Show. Some of the best hotels for visitors are those themed around different countries of the world, from the Venetian’s Italian experience to Paris Las Vegas and its Eiffel Tower replica. The Venetian even offers gondola rides around its own myriad of canals. The shows at the MGM Grand and the Sky Jump at Stratosphere Las Vegas, the Las Vegas hotels are sure to get everyone’s blood pumping and suit every taste.

There is something for everyone in Vegas: both nature buffs and thrill seekers can immerse themselves in the spirit of the city. If you are a first time visitor, the choices are everywhere, and even if you are a resident, there is always something new to discover in Vegas.


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