Buick Encore encompasses luxury, safety, and style

By Debbie Hall

The Buick Encore incorporates sleek lines, brilliant colors, and personal style. After opening the door and starting to drive, it becomes one of the smoothest rides with safety features and amazing technology.

The week began with the Gordon Biersch Blondde Bock tapping party. Of course, I offered to carpool (and be the designated driver). As I drove up to each person’s home to pick them up, eyes were wide, and the smiles were big as everyone echoed the same refrain.

This car is a Buick?

When everyone sat back (especially with all of the room in the back seat), the QuietTuning Technology with Active Noise Cancellation created a hushed interior that everyone could carry on a conversation (no texting allowed even with my passengers). This tech utilizes triple door seals, acoustic laminated windshield and front side window glass to reduce, block and absorb outside noises.

Now hard to believe but it was actually raining that day (just drizzling). Its Climate Control and In-Vehicle Air Ionizer kept everyone comfortable. The dual-zone climate controls personalize each passenger’s preferred temperatures. While there is no smoking, there is still air pollution and other scents and the in-vehicle ionization system leaves the air cleaner and fresher inside the Encore.

As a driver (and responsible for my passengers), safety is the biggest concern. While Vegas is sunny an estimated 315 days of the year, the rainy conditions on that day is a big factor since many drivers are not skilled driving on wet roads.

Most importantly is the Side Blind Zone Alert since it was dark outside. The Lane Departure Warning and Rear Cross Traffic Alert also assisted as I navigated the wet roads. When I parked, the Forward Collision Alert was a big help that I didn’t hit the parking blocks or another car.


The evening was an incredible success with sauerkraut, kielbasa, potato pancakes, and sweet potatoes fries. We sang German songs as the beer was untapped and I was given a beer to take home to enjoy.

When we left, and I was driving my passengers home, the Rear Vision Camera with Rear Park Assist was a big help as I backed out.

Everyone raved about the sound system, and while we were unable to find a German channel on Sirius XM, we still could sing to our favorite tunes. The smooth leather seats, the plush interior, and the room front and back and everyone said it was like riding in a limo.

As I stopped in front of each house, neighbors commented what a beautiful car I have and of course my passengers raved about it.

More adventures will continue as I appreciated all of the features—and that will be detailed in the next article.

For more information, visit buick.com.

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