Publish a Book For Business Success

By Guy Dawson

You’ve thought about writing your book for a long time. You may have even started writing it, but how do you go about publishing it? There are several options available to you.


An experienced mentor is an asset to a writer at any point in their career. Writing a book is a large task on its own. Publishing a book is a completely different ball game. With the right guidance, you can rest assured that you are taking the appropriate next step all the way through. Before you know it, you’ll have a hard copy of your published book in your hands.


Marketing is everything when it comes to becoming a successful published author. The goal is to identify your target audience and your most resourceful marketing platform. These are two of the many important details that need to be strategically addressed in order to reach the most readers.


Without legal copyright, your work can be available to anyone for free. Properly registering and copyrighting your book will ensure the most profit for you. This includes the title, the text, and the images.


Be recognized as an expert in your field. As a published author you gain recognition in your specialized area. Readers will look at your work for related information. Writing, marketing and copyrighting are the best way to focus on the book publishing process. You can reach your ultimate goal of publishing a book and becoming a successful author if you have the right tools and knowledge.

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