Las Vegas’ Award-Winning Tiki Bar Pays Tribute To Don The Beachcomber

On February 22, The Golden Tiki hosted their second annual celebration for the tiki-culture legend, Don The Beachcomber. On what would have been his 112th birthday, Donn Beach was commemorated through an elite lineup of guest bartenders including Jeanie Grant (Pagan Idol, San Francisco), The Golden Tiki’s own Tiki-Attaché Adam Rains, and local Las Vegas bar stars Terry Clark (Sparrow + Wolf), Alex Penalosa (Corduroy), and Mando Conway (Rosina) personalizing Donn Beach’s tiki drink classics, a Don Ho Tribute band, hula dancers, and two roasted pigs by Chef Sheridan Su.

“Without Donn Beach, we would probably all be sitting in a dark empty room sipping plain water,” said Golden Tiki Creator Branden Powers. “Actually, I’m still a little hungover, that sounds pretty good right now.”

Born Feb. 22, 1907, Donn Beach, born Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt, would be 112 if alive today. A Texas native, Gantt traveled the Caribbean and South Pacific, briefly working as a bootlegger, before opening the original Don’s Beachcomber in Hollywood in 1933. He is credited with creating cocktails including the Zombie, Tahitian Rum Punch, one version of the Mai Tai, and the Navy Grog (ironically, Gantt was a Major in the Air Force) among many others. Eventually, he would create the Polynesian Villages and original International Marketplace in Waikiki; be instrumental in the careers of Martin Denny, Alfred Apaka, and Arthur Lyman; and see a string of Don The Beachcomber bars and restaurants open across the United States (although he did not retain ownership). He said his final “aloha” in 1989.

Located in Chinatown, Las Vegas, The Golden Tiki is a journey to a faraway land where boundaries are only limited to one’s imagination. The vision of hospitality veteran Branden Powers, in collaboration with Seth Schorr, Jeff Fine, and Joe Cain, The Golden Tiki has spared no expense in recreating the classic mid-century tiki bar. Open 24 hours a day, The Golden Tiki offers a multitude of experiences and can host private parties up to 145 people.

For more information, 702.222.3196. Facebook  @TheGoldenTikiVegas Twitter @GoldenTikiVegas Instagram @goldentiki or visit
Photos by Jason Harris and The Golden Tiki
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