The Ultimate Destination: Las Vegas

It’s all in the preparation.

Many are planning to travel to Las Vegas to experience the unique atmosphere that only “Sin City” can offer.

Famous for its casinos, its luxury and the fact that it never sleeps, planning ahead and creating an itinerary that covers what you want to see (as you probably won’t be able to cover everything) makes a great deal of sense.

The first thing you will have to decide is how long you want to stay. If you only have a few things in mind for your trip, then a weekend should work, but bear in mind that hotel prices do go up during Fridays and Saturdays, so check to see if you can do your bucket list before these days.

Always visit trip advisor to see what others have done and how they have ranked their own experiences. This can help you make up your mind what to do and what to leave.

The prices of your flight can vary enormously so remember the Friday, Saturday rule and try to book your flight on the other days. Remember to buy your flight and your hotel separately to get the best deal and keep an eye on flight costs if you are able to vary your flight dates.

The Strip is known around the world and although it is the most popular and quintessentially Las Vegas, there are other parts of Las Vegas that are fun too. Downtown will also be cheaper than on the Strip, so it really depends on your budget.

Remember, in the summer months Las Vegas can be blisteringly hot and take this into consideration when booking your break. The place is hot all year round but autumn and winter have a more comfortable temperature for many visitors.

If you check to see whether there are any conventions happening before you book your holiday you will avoid hotel and airfares rocketing. Many events send prices ups so check out what is on for your preferred dates.

Always leave at least half a day where you can wander without a plan in Las Vegas. Walking the Strip is a complete buzz in itself and should be enjoyed to its fullest.  

Remember that some of the most iconic casinos can be found at Las Vegas and these venues also have brilliant entertainment too.  You can also purchase a Las Vegas Nightlife Pass which will let you into many bars and these cost about $800.

Pick the casinos you want to see beforehand. There are so many wonderful buildings to see and experience the thrill of playing at a blackjack table or at the slot machines. Remember if you want to join in a cards game to study up before you go to Las Vegas so you don’t appear to be a complete amateur.

Remember, gamblers drink for free at the casinos so don’t purchase any drinks while you are gambling as a waitress will approach you and take your order. Consider visiting the Bellagio, the Venetian-Palazzo and Caesars Palace if you have never visited Las Vegas before.

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