Review: A Madea Family Funeral

By Kevin Fahey

When Tyler Perry announced that his 11th Madea film would be his last, I mourned. Not because of the film’s funeral, but because there would be no more Madea, that wisecracking, brutally honest, sarcastic matriarch of her wayward crazy family. I’ll also miss Perry’s great impersonations of relatives such as this film’s Heathrow, a handicapped curmudgeon who lost his voice from smoking 52 packs of cigarettes a day and speaks with a device that makes Madea have an orgasm.

We will also no longer see Cassi Davis and Patrice Lovely, two great comediennes that appeared in several Perry films, who Madea occasionally swats if they get out of order.

The story deals with the death of patriarch Anthony (Derek Morgan) after having too much sex with a dominatrix in a cheap motel room. It is adjacent to the room where his son (Courtney Burrell) is having a tryst with his brother’s fiance’ (Aeriel Miranda} at the same time. This causes the inevitable family reunion friction that the Madea films typically feature (Madea’s Family Reunion, Boo, A Madea Reunion). The family members fight with one another after a lengthy 110-hour funeral, with queen bee Madea presiding over the battles. All is resolved after some tough lessons are learned.

I find it hard to believe that Perry will walk away from this cash cow ($500 million to date). A Madea Family Funeral is already one of the highest grossing films of the year after only two weeks into its run. Though the film only got 15 percent at Rotten Tomatoes (critics hate Madea) it’s obvious the audiences don’t care. Laughter is the key to her success, and as long as it continues to open bank doors, we will be probably seeing a 12th film soon.

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