Movie review: The Kid

By Kevin Fahey

Ethan Hawke is on a roll. After his film debut in Joe Dante’s EXPLORERS with River Phoenix, Hawke has gone on to star in films such as DEAD POETS SOCIETY, TRAINING DAY, BOYHOOD, the memorable BEFORE trilogy with Julie Delpy, which he was nominated for an Academy Award. Lately, Hawke was in FIRST REFORMED where he was a faith challenged minister and which he received the New York Film Critics Award. Every time he appears in a film, it seems like he can do no wrong. THE KID is no different.

In THE KID, Hawke plays Pat Garrett, who is in the process of taking Billy the Kid to his hanging. Along for the ride are a brother Rio Cutler and sister Sara Cutler (Jack Schur and Leila George) who are trying to escape their ruthless uncle ( Chris Pratt) who is enraged after Rio kills his father in self-defense. Rio befriends Billy feeling he can help him recover Sara after she is abducted by Pratt. Garrett intervenes in the finale.

The real surprise in THE KID is Dane DeHaan as Billy the Kid. After appearing such films as VALERIAN (where he worked with Hawke), TULIP FEVER, and KNIGHT OF CUPS, one wondered if he would have much of a career. In THE KID, you’ll think of James Dean in GIANT or REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE- he’s that good. Another highlight is Matthew J. Lloyd’s cinematography. The desert vistas of New Mexico have never looked better.

THE KID is directed by Vincent D’Onofrio, who has acted with Ethan Hawke before in such films as THE NEWTON BOYS and STATEN ISLAND. He worked with Stanley Kubrick in FULL METAL JACKET and has learned some of his tricks. I look forward to his next effort.


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