Risk-free Cloud Chasing for Amateurs

Every expert starts as an amateur, and like any other field, there are more amateurs than experts. If you’re an aspiring cloud chaser, you need extensive knowledge and experience, and the best starting point would be an amateur vape mod starter kit that will allow you to grow with virtually no risk involved.

While you may not be able to compete with a vaper who is using a mech MOD or a sophisticated Rebuild-able Dripping Atomizers (RDAs), choosing the right tank mod and e-liquid can help you to come close. 

What Exactly Is Cloud Chasing?

Cloud chasing is the art of building a vape setup to create massive plumes of vapor. Some people call it “stunt vaping” or “sub-ohm vaping” – it has stemmed from the vaping culture. No one knows when cloud chasing started but people who wanted to express themselves legitimately greatly inspired this sport.

Some years back cloud chasers did it for fun but today cloud chasing is a sport with regular competitions where contenders compete to see who can exhale the densest plumes of vapor. In these competitions, people have walked away with free gears to thousands of dollars in cash.

Getting started

There are many considerations that a beginner cloud chase should know to enjoy a risk-free cloud chasing experience. Let’s look at a few.

  • Keep your charging safe – Always use the most reliable batteries that match your charging unit and your equipment
  • E-juice –VG vape juice will produce more plume vapor than a PG. An e-juice with a dominant VG blend is the best for cloud chasing
  • Airflow –a large coil with a broad surface area will offer you an excellent resistance of airflow.
  • Atomizer –RDAs and mech mods best suit cloud chasers with extensive knowledge and experience in cloud chasing.
  • Coil build – an aspiring cloud chaser has unlimited options of builds that he can make for effective vapor production based on his needs.
  • Technique and Experience – Again it all boils down to the method used and the experience like the right posture, proper inhaling, and exhaling.
  • Lung capacity – While some people can exhale massive plume vapor, others with a lower lung capacity may not produce the same amount.
  • Mod – If you are trying cloud chasing for the first time, we recommend a beginner kit or a regulated mod. Experienced cloud chasers use mechanical mods in competitions as they give them an edge over their competitors.
  • Wicking – proper wicking is crucial in winning a cloud chasing competition with a suitable material and right thickness.

Professional cloud chasers can use builds of 0.3 ohms and use unregulated mechanical mods. However, at this level, a person needs to have a broad knowledge of the use of such a device since it can pose a risk to the user. Experience is also crucial in using unregulated mods and sub-ohms.

Lastly, if you’re looking for fun, cloud chasing can be the best sport with no conjured-up images of well-toned athletes competing for glory.

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