3 Ways to Control Your Emotions

Emotions are part of what makes us human; however, sometimes they can get in the way. How many times have you blown your top or spent days stewing over something and then regretted it? If you’re on the receiving end of a tantrum, it doesn’t feel too great either. How about feelings of sadness or anger that spiraled you down into feeling depressed? Sometimes it can be the smallest of triggers that sends your emotions out of control.

Negative emotions can be very powerful and affect your life and those around you. Teens, in particular, often struggle with their emotions and for several years it can feel like they’re on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Fortunately, it is possible to regulate emotions, but a certain amount of practice and dedication is required. Here are three ways it can be done.

Be Aware and Ask Yourself Why

Being more aware of your emotions is going to help you regain control. If you’re not aware when you’re overacting it’s going to be impossible to manage them. It can be very difficult to identify what you’re feeling but giving names to your emotions helps to gain clarity.

When you’ve identified the way, you’re feeling you can then move on to asking yourself why. What is it that’s making you feel a certain way? It’s quite often the way you’re thinking about a situation that is making you feel negative emotions.

What Can You do to Take Back Control

It could be that you need to think differently. Thoughts are a direct link to the way you’re feeling so consider whether it’s your negative thoughts that are making you feel bad. Think about whether there is a better way to look at a situation; after all, don’t they say every cloud has a silver lining?

Teens, in particular, struggle with this concept. For them, there are times when their life is filled with doom and gloom. Turning this around can be extremely difficult which is why professional help is sometimes required. Centers such as Ignite Teen Treatment can help teens through these troublesome times and guide them in controlling such negative emotions.

Choose Your Reaction

The way we react to certain situations and triggers tends to become a habit over time, and this is what’s difficult to break. You probably know a few people that seem to get stressed over nothing. To turn this behavior around requires effort and discipline. The negative emotions first have to be recognized before a reaction can be changed.

It’s very easy for negative emotions to take control of your life. When you’re able to take back control your life will change in many ways. You’ll feel more in control and empowered, happier and much healthier. Stress caused by negative emotions can weigh you down, and once you’ve learned some control the weight will be lifted, and your future will be brighter again.

One final tip for the next time your feeling blue or red-hot with anger is to smile. It might feel awkward at first, but did you realize that it’s impossible to have bad feelings if you’re smiling?


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