Svala bags and clutches bring style and sustainability to summer

By Debbie Hall

Sunshine, brunches, pool parties, intimate dinners, and fun time times with friends calls for stylish handbags and clutches. Update your wardrobe with elegant and classic bags and clutches in a variety of sustainable fabrics.

Svala vegan handbags and bags are handcrafted in Los Angeles with premium, innovative, animal-friendly, PVC-free fabrics such as Italian vegan leather, Pinatex (made from pineapple leaf fiber), cork, silicone, and plant-based suede. Svala is committed to using the highest quality, vegan fabrics using the most durable and sustainable animal-friendly materials available. Each Svala handbag is lined with organic cotton and recycled polyester made with plastic bottles and comes with an organic cotton dust bag.

Italian Vegan Leather – Vegan leather PU (polyurethane) is sourced from Italy from a factory that supplies various high-end European luxury designers. This eco-conscious factory has installed photovoltaic generators on the roofs to produce green energy and save Co2.

Pinatex – This material is composed of 80 percent pineapple leaf fibers and 20 percent PLA fibers. Natural and vegan, Pinatex is sourced in the Philippines and finished in Spain. No additional land, water, fertilizer, or pesticides are required to produce the raw material, and no pineapples are harmed in the making of Pinatex!

Cork – The bark of the cork oak tree, is beautiful, durable and eco-friendly. The harvesting of cork is done sustainably so that no tree needs to fall or is damaged during the process. The cork fabric is sourced from Portugal, which is known for producing the world’s most beautiful cork.

Svala was founded by Helga Douglas to create beautiful, stylish pieces that are animal-friendly and produced sustainably. Svala began as a line of lingerie, sleepwear, and loungewear expanding its line to include luxury, vegan, handbags. The inspiration for Svala’s name comes from Iceland, where Helga’s mother is from while Helga is originally from Sydney. Helga has always loved the Icelandic girl’s name Svala, which translates to swallow, a symbol of love, loyalty, freedom, and hope in many cultures – everything that encompasses Helga’s brand. The Svala line is also inspired by Helga’s love of animals and nature, her affinity for the relaxed, colorful feel of Sydney and Los Angeles and the simplicity of Scandinavian design.

To purchase handbags and clutches, or for more information, visit SVALA.CO.


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