Stay in Perth or Fremantle in Australia: How to Decide

If you are planning to visit Western Australia, figuring out where you want to stay should be a top priority. There are two common choices for tourists – Perth, which is where you’ll arrive since it’s home to the domestic and international airports, and Fremantle, a port city situated right next to the capital. While both cities offer their unique charms and tourist spots, your choice should ultimately depend on which type of activities you prefer to engage in.

Here are useful tidbits on what each city has to offer so that you can better decide where you should spend your vacation.


Perth is the capital of Western Australia, and also its largest city with a population of around two million people. Generally known as a “laid-back” city, Perth is full of friendly residents who can point you towards the must-see places in the region while happily assisting you with picture-taking tasks. Perth is also known for its strong diversity – over the years, people from different countries have moved to Perth, bringing their culture and tradition along with them. This has resulted in a rich multicultural environment that caters to several tastes and preferences, while also maintaining a healthy dose of respect for all cultures involved.

Another good thing going for Perth is how close the tourist attractions are to each other. Most of the often-visited spots are within a stone’s throw away from each other, allowing tourists to save both time and energy while traveling between locations. Public transport in the city is also very accessible, there is a free transport zone where buses make stops so you can take a ride to a different part of the city without having to pay for anything.

To match the relaxed vibe of the city, Perth is full of family-friendly parks and gardens perfect for picnics, couple dates or a simple sit-down to appreciate the environment. The parks are also designed with pathways that are suitable for cycling or jogging, perfect in case you’d like to exercise early in the morning to breathe some fresh air.

Since Perth is a coastal city, visiting its famous beaches is a must for tourists. There are several beach locations scattered across the region, each offering its own blend of fine sand and clear, blue waters. Together with the country’s fair weather, the beaches are great for under-the-sun activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing and sunbathing. If you’re looking for a more relaxed trip, you can also opt for river cruises – Swan River, in particular, is famous for the calming drift it brings travelers.


Fremantle is a port city just thirty minutes away from Perth. Due to the geographical proximity, both cities share the great weather and both have a lot of beautiful beaches to explore. Fremantle is also quite accessible, with most of the local attractions reachable by walking. If you prefer a little bit of exercise with your sight-seeing, Fremantle is the place for you. There are bike rental shops all around if you prefer cycling, or you can also take the Fremantle Tram Tour to have a professional tour guide to help you explore the city’s structures and history.

Fremantle, or better known as Freo by the locals, is the better location, however, if you are looking for historical significance. While most travelers can finish through Perth’s tourist spots within a day or two, people usually stay longer in Fremantle because the city is home to several cultural and art centers, historical attractions like the Western Australia Maritime Museum, Round House (the oldest building standing in the entire country), the Fishing Boat Harbour, and Australia’s lone World Heritage Site, the Fremantle Prison. There are also a number of musical venues and celebratory festivals occurring in the city from time to time, so if you time it right, you can make the most out of your visit.

Fremantle is also a little easier on the budget than Perth, which is a given since Perth is the country’s capital. There are several hotels in the area which offer top-notch amenities at affordable prices, allowing you to enjoy your money’s worth to the fullest. For instance, Be. Fremantle offers accommodation in the heart of Fremantle with amazing marina or ocean views from every single room. It’s the perfect way to indulge while enjoying the vibe and culture of Fremantle.


Both cities have great features to offer, so at the end of the day, it will be up to you to decide which of the attractions better suit your taste. If you prefer the city experience with fine dining, gardens, and parks, Perth is for you. If you’d rather spend your time learning about Western Australia’s history and visiting art galleries, you would be happier in Fremantle. Take the pressure off and just follow your heart’s desire, after all, a vacation is supposed to be a time to enjoy and relax.


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