Performance marketing in 2019

Performance marketing, so as a performance marketing platform, is a set of activities with the ability to calculate the cost of the action of interest. Performance indicators should also be measurable, for example, an increase in sales, a switch to the site or registration, and installation of an application.

The growth of user content

According to the results of “Think with Google” performance marketing software research, the accuracy of the information serves as the most important criterion for 86 percent of the online audience. And the information received from other users (reviews and recommendations) enjoys their particular confidence.

Custom reviews, photos, and videos allow you to reach a wide target audience, provide high brand credibility and increase customer loyalty. At the same time, they are much cheaper than traditional content.

Companies, by the way, can use such content for their own purposes – on the website or on social networks to promote a brand, and often this turns out to be much more effective than other activities.

The increase in the share of mobile traffic in 2019

One of the most important processes of performance marketing over the past few years has been the transition of customers from desktops to smartphones. The boom of mobile traffic is hard to miss. The rapid growth is due to the fact that high-speed mobile Internet is becoming more accessible, as well as inexpensive smartphones.

And it’s not just the preference of the device itself (mobile) but the change in perception. One thing is when you sit behind a large computer screen at work or slowly google at home, and quite another when trying to pass the time in traffic or looking in a smartphone where the nearest round-the-clock tire service is. This is how consumer behavior changes together with the perception of one or another content.

Growth in voice search share

Users are increasingly resorting to a voice assistant, as well as looking for “the nearest car wash” or “coffee close by” (especially when driving).

This leads to the creation of new tools and the development of artificial intelligence. Probably in the near future, there will be new advertising formats specifically for this technology.

The owners of the companies, in turn, successfully use these opportunities in order to shorten the “deal” path from online search to purchase offline with a minimum of “movements” and time costs.

The customer journey or customer interaction with the product

With the introduction of Big Data in marketing, it became possible to determine the preferences and habits of the user, his goals and motives. Information about who, how and why buys, helps understand how to increase conversion and, as a result, profit. Collecting data from all channels and using it to improve customer experience is the goal of the omni-channel strategy. These data also contribute to improving the quality of goods/services, optimizing services. For the most efficient organization of customer data, visualization tools are used, for example, Customer Journey Map.

Geo-targeting and hyper-locations

The Internet is going to ensure that the share of mobile devices is about to exceed the share of personal computers, laptops, etc. In this connection, one of the trends that are gaining momentum is geo targeting.

Any geo targeted marketing campaign attracts more conversions. Mobile devices are becoming the main advertising media, and promotional campaigns adapt to the user’s location. The nearest shops, cafes, pizzerias and other places of interest are selected exclusively for this user in a particular location.

Geo-targeting allows you to calculate standard routes (to work, home, to the store, etc.). Based on this data, the smartphone may make the assumption that, for example, you are now traveling along the route from work to home. And on the way, you can offer to look into the store in order to buy products.


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