Will Las Vegas embrace Online Gambling?

Las Vegas is known as a hotspot for gambling, with some of the biggest and best casinos in the world located there. The state of Nevada was also among the pioneers of regulating online gambling, with big steps being made over the last few years. They were only second to Delaware when it came to legalizing online poker and their example is now followed by other states nationwide. The love affair with online gambling has been a rocky one, with some serious opposition coming from land-based casino owners.

Nevada has opened its arms to online poker

Many of those who travel to Las Vegas casinos do so to play poker rather than playing live at home, as this is also the city where the World Series of Poker takes place. There is interest for the online version of the game and poker can be legally played over the Internet in the state of Nevada. In spite of serious opposition from casino magnates such as Sheldon Adelson, the necessary laws were finally passed. The online gaming community is decently strong and on a steady expansion, although live poker is still very popular.

The impact of legalized online poker on brick-and-mortar casinos was far less significant than initially feared. The same high numbers of tourists come to Las Vegas to play at live tables against real opponents, so the industry is largely unaffected. Encouraged by the success of online poker, bookmakers and casinos contemplate the possibility of opening shop in the state. For the time being, however, only poker can be played online, until lawmakers authorize other games of chance.

Opposition against online casinos remains strong

The Nevada Gaming Policy Committee has carefully considered the pros and cons of legalizing online casino gaming in this state. The risks of online games cannibalizing brick-and-mortar casinos are the main reason for why such a bill hasn’t passed yet. Local casinos strongly oppose the legalization of Internet gambling and support for the online industry is not as strong as it used to be. International companies are closely watching the legal context in Nevada, waiting for an opportunity to enter the market.

Progress has been made in regard to online wagering, with some Nevada bookmakers offering such services through betting apps. Sports betting is illegal in most states, but punters have always found a way to overcome the obstacles and place their bets. As a result, a lot of money is lost instead of going to state coffers and this is something that is particularly troubling for lawmakers. The success of recent gambling bills and the shining example of other states could eventually change the minds of legislators.

Compared to other states, Nevada is less populous, but the local government has found a way to offset this problem. By allowing the state to join compacts with other states, they make it possible for poker players to compete against their peers from New Jersey and Delaware, located thousands of miles away.

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