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Beyond the Physical: Assessing our Emotional, Mental and Behavioral Needs

Many have heard analogies like If your arm is broken you go to the doctor and get it fixed. It is understood that physical ailments or injuries are assessed by doctors and treated by specialists. Yet, there is profound resistance to mental health intervention. Various stigmas are typically the culprits of procrastination or non-participation of treatment. Stigmas that have coalesced with our thinking as implicit bias. We associate or categorize what we think we know is based on our upbringing, education, and role models, this includes what we have heard as a child. This conditioning affects our decisions to seek professional help.

Today, mainstream society is combating those old stigmas through education. Breaking the cycle means education and intervention. Allowing for discourse through media, educational institutions, and government. We can readily identify and or empathize with situations that call for interventions. With that heightened understanding, we are able to elevate our process of thinking.

In terms of mental health, we pass through the stages from denial to acceptance. As no one escapes the challenges of mental and behavioral health. We are either directly or indirectly affected by mental health. Support groups and/or individual therapy strengthen not only the individual but the family and the community; as a whole. Keeping in mind it is the assessment and treatment by a mental health professional, not our anecdotal opinions or judgments that lead to better, more supportive and positive outcomes.

Explicitly thinking, as we use our conscious mind to support our emotional and mental needs, let us make better choices for ourselves and for those we love. Yes, the Veterans Administration has services to help. However, beyond the VA, there are community resources that take Medicaid, Medicare, and Tri-care insurances. Agencies like Mind and Body Behavioral Services LLC are equipped with a team of professionals to assist.

Desert Storm Veteran Dr. Clarence Parrott, CEO of Mind and Body Behavioral Health along with his team of Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSWs). are professionals waiting to help. They empower individuals through services that identify client needs as it pertains to mental, behavioral, and emotional wellness. At Mind and Body Behavioral Health, the focus is on helping their clients take steps toward improvement and maintenance of positive lifestyles for individuals and families to increase life’s satisfaction and happiness.


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Zandra Polard

B.A. in Communications and Psychology

Qualified Mental Health Associate

Director of Business Development

Mind and Bod Behavioral Health Services LLC.

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