Safety Tips for Buying and Selling Through Online Classifieds

Online classifieds are a great source of amazing deals. Form costly appliances to books and magazines; you can buy and sell almost all varieties of products. Buyers can find almost new or even brand new items, and sellers can score profitable deals to recover the costs of their items. But you can also get scammed if you don’t know the safety rules of buying and selling online. One of the most trusted online classifieds in California is Los Angeles Ads.

Here are the some proven safety tips you must consider while buying and selling online:

Negotiate Fairly:

Being a seller, mention in your description if the price of your product is fixed. Because if you don’t, you will get a lot of lowball offers. If you don’t know what price to ask for, just list it at a price you want and make sure to write ‘OBO’ which means ‘Or Best Offer’ so that buyers can bargain. As a buyer, you should negotiate fairly and do not slash the price way below the asking price of the seller. In this case, he might think you are not a serious buyer and would not waste his time negotiating with you. If you find a product with a fixed price, do not haggle with the seller because you may end up offending him. If a deal is negotiable, bargain over the phone or email.

When to Share Your Phone Number?

If you are a seller, mention in the description that interested buyers should email you with a name and phone number. This method will discourage non-serious buyers from contacting you and wasting your time. If you directly post your phone number in the listing, you are likely to get calls from non-serious parties and scammers. As a buyer, you should contact the seller with an email. Ask him to share his contact number for further details or to set up a meeting place. If the seller is hesitant to provide his number, that means he is not interested in selling you, and you should move on to the next deal.

Pick a Safe Place:

For small and non-expensive items, meet at a coffee shop or a mall close to your home or work. Many buyers and sellers have reported such a setting more comfortable to meet. If it’s an expensive item, like a cell phone or other electronics, a bank is the safest place to meet. Try not to deal in cash for large payments, instead use Apple Pay or another electronic payment system. In case of a furniture item, place that in the garage for selling. So, whenever you have a buyer visiting your place, you don’t have to bring him inside your home. Being a buyer, make sure to bring a buddy or a family member along with you while visiting a seller’s home. It’s better to take precaution because you just never know.

Meet During the Day:

If you are a buyer or a seller, always meet in the daytime to ensure your security. During the night, you might miss a scratch or not able to properly examine the item. The seller may mislead you about the item that could have missing parts or even be damaged.

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