Q&A: Eric Post of ‘Marriage Can Be Murder’

The hit comedy recently celebrated 20 years in Vegas

Anyone who watches crime networks like Oxygen and Discovery ID knows there is no shortage of entertainment that can be wrung from murder. When murder is wrapped up in the award-winning comedy dinner show, Marriage Can Be Murder, though, only one word can describe it: fun! The show recently celebrated 20 years on stage with a “KILL-ebration” at the D Las Vegas on June 20. Show creators Eric and Jayne Post also star in the production, with Eric as the top cop and Jayne as the blonde hostess with more looks than brains. The hit show will bring to mind the TV series Reno 911! and the film series Naked Gun, as it features law enforcement characters in comedic short-shorts bouncing witty dialogue off the ditzy hostesses. The murder mystery show continues to delight audiences and keeps everyone, including the cast members, laughing. Eric took time off from his “law enforcement” duties to talk to ShowTickets.com.

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