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Barbaque Sauce

Written by Mark Marques Here is a new cake recipe I created inspired by homemade Pear Butter I was given as a gift.  This cake is moist, tender and deliciously spicy. It goes well with a cold winter’s day, as well as a warm day of spring.  This is truly a recipe that can be […]

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From the Chef: Barbeque Sauce

Written by Mark Marques March is upon us, and it is now time to enjoy one of Spring’s great pastimes, the barbeque.  In order to make your barbeque a little more tasty, I give you, the reader, a recipe for an easy-to-make barbeque sauce that tastes better than those found in a bottle. This recipe […]

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The Empowerment Column (18): The Hour is Always Darkest Before the Dawn

Written by Rev. Thabiti Let’s bring our awareness to the absolute truth revealing itself as our existence.  Life continues to be our greatest teacher by placing us in the perfect situations and circumstances necessary for our growth and development into higher states of consciousness.   Right now we are returning to a safe place within ourselves […]

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Michelle Johnson

{youtubejw}fYAeTReg-zk{/youtubejw} {youtubejw}fYAeTReg-zk{/youtubejw} Written by: Nikki Artale Gold Coast Classics is alive and well in the showroom at the Gold Coast Hotel & Casino featuring free afternoon shows with live music. I spent a wonderful afternoon listening to Michelle Johnson singing many popular songs from The Great American Songbook. www.michellejohnson.com Michelle Johnson appears at the Gold […]

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Chiropractic Treatment & Strength Training Presentation

Written by: Dr. Donald A. Ozello Dr. Donald A. Ozello, D.C., of Championship Chiropractic and Certified Fitness Trainer Joe Breen will be delivering a presentation about Chiropractic Treatment & Strength Training for All Ages on Saturday, March 12 at 9 a.m. The presentation will be held at the “Relax the Back” store located on 8975 West […]

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Energy Inflation

Written by: T.J. Beatty We’ve all been watching gas prices rise seemingly non-stop and some of you may be wondering why. Gas prices usually only rise when there’s increased demand such as that which occurs during the Summer travel season, right? Wrong. It’s winter and massive snow storms are popping up all over the U.S. […]

Motorola XOOM

Written by: Bud Grant The Motorola XOOM, currently available at Verizon Wireless, is the first device to run on the Android Honeycomb 3.0 operating system. It is also the first real competitor to the iPad. The XOOM is full of features that users will want in a tablet. The XOOM features a 10.1-inch display, as […]

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Golf Warm-up

Written by: Dr. Donald A. Ozello DC Springs warmer weather and increased daylight hours provide greater opportunities to hit the golf course. Lower your risk of acquiring a golf-related injury by warming-up before you play, maintaining your body’s readiness while playing, and cooling down properly when finished.

The Empowerment Column (17): Finding your Light-switch

Written by: Rev. Thabiti Notice how things seem to just work out for some and not for others? Imagine being in a room of complete darkness and not being able to see what is possible all around you.  Now imagine being in the same dark room except this time you find the light switch on […]

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CES – 2011

By Informer Staff Gadgets, Cars and Celebrities oh my with over 2 million square feet of exibit space there is a lot to do at the Consumer Electronics show here in Las Vegas. For any one who has ever been to CES knows you can not see this show all in one day. The show […]

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