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How To Really Enjoy Las Vegas

Whether you are a local or a visitor, there is so much to do in Las Vegas that it is likely it is always going to hold at least some surprises for you. Although there are some extremely famous attractions that really should be on your to-do list while you’re here, or when you have […]

A Look at the Technology Behind Vaping

A Look at the Technology Behind Vaping

Vaping has been a big hit among its avid enthusiasts. What many believed was a one-time wonder is now a hobby for millions and a part of the lifestyle for many others. Vaping has grown so much that there are more mods, kits, and atomizers to choose from than ever before. New technologies are being […]

Why Business Owners Must Keep Their Books Up to Date

Running a business comes with many responsibilities and challenges, one of which is the need to keep an ongoing ledger of accounting records. Most online banking interfaces or payment gateways like PayPal provide all the info you need to review financial transactions in retrospect, but it’s still wise to also log your financial information within […]

Actress Jennifer Finnigan Surprised with “Salvation” Themed Cake at Andiamo

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Actress Jennifer Finnigan Surprised with “Salvation” Themed Cake at Andiamo

“Weekend at Bernie’s” star Jonathan Silverman decided to spend this past weekend at the D Casino Hotel, where he planned a birthday surprise for his wife, “Salvation” star Jennifer Finnigan.  They dined at the downtown property’s highly acclaimed Andiamo Italian Steakhouse with a couple of famous friends.  Among the birthday group were “Prison Break” actor Mac Brandt, soap star Chris McKenna, and upcoming star of “I Feel Bad”, Paul Adelstein.  Their table was full of steaks, pastas, salads, and oysters in no time, and other restaurant guests kept peering over to catch a glimpse of their favorite TV/movie stars.

Why Having A Hobby Is A Good Idea

Why Having A Hobby Is A Good Idea

Think back to when you were a child and all the hobbies you had. It’s likely that you were always filling your time with something. They may have been organized kinds of events in specialist classes, for example, such as dancing or gymnastics, or they may have been things that you did by yourself at […]

Make Your Business More Efficient with These Tips

Having a successful business is what every entrepreneur wants, but that in itself isn’t everything. Having good profits is also what you want, but even the best company can suffer from a lack of efficiency. If your business isn’t efficient, then you risk your profits by having things you don’t need. That is why it […]

Meeting Your Responsibilities as a Small Business Owner

If you’ve got the drive, talent and great ideas required to start your own business, your focus is going to be on the exciting aspects of the work such as preparing your business plans, marketing strategies, and growth forecasts. You’ll be excited about finding markets for your offering, selecting the right people to work with, […]

Always get travel insurance: Here are the reasons why

Travelers need hours of planning before heading around the globe for a perfect trip. Sometimes, travelers overlook the possibility of becoming ill or injured while traveling. Keep it in mind that random accidents may be the reason for significant problems for travelers. In this situation, travel insurance buy will help. A purchase of insurance before a trip […]

5 Reasons Why Sports Fans Should Visit New York

New York is not only the home of exceptional musicals, delicious pizza, Central Park, and tall skyscrapers, but it is easily one of the best sporting destinations in the world. You don’t have to be a Yankees, Mets, Jets, or Knicks fan to embrace your love for baseball, basketball, or football in the Big Apple. […]

Las Vegas Shows Crime Can Pay


Las Vegas Shows Crime Can Pay

Las Vegas, founded by organized crime, has labored for decades under the moniker Sin City. The history behind the desert resort town is long, complicated and filled with gangsters, murder, mayhem and all the other ingredients which can make a city’s reputation hard to change. So why not embrace the reputation? Why not hold it […]

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