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I’m Not Your Shorty

By Laura Finley, Ph.D. It wasn’t the first time. Like most women—84 percent across 22 countries, in fact– I have been catcalled by random men many times.  In a widely shared 2014 experiment, a woman in New York City received 100 catcalls in just ten hours.  But last night was definitely the scariest I have […]

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Ground Zero Is Everywhere

by Winslow Myers The philosopher Krishnamurti once asserted that we are each totally responsible for the whole world. Global climate change, among other issues, has made this provocation seem more and more undeniable. It is impossible to shift elsewhere the responsibility we each bear for our own environmental footprint. There is no way not to […]

Confronting Our Toxic Legacy

By Robert C. Koehler Maybe if we declared “war” on poison water, we’d find a way to invest money in its “defeat.” David Rosner and Gerald Markowitz make this point: “The price tag for replacing the lead pipes that contaminated its drinking water, thanks to the corrosive toxins found in the Flint River, is now […]

Ticking toward doomsday

By Ira Helfand, M.D. Recently, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists announced it was keeping its famous Doomsday Clock at three minutes to midnight. In making this decision, their panel of experts, including 16 Nobel Laureates, cited the  growing danger of nuclear war. The danger of nuclear war? For most people today, the threat of […]

Fatally flawed Second Amendment

By Barry Gan Gun rights advocates rest their case heavily on the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, insisting that the Second Amendment gives people the right to keep and bear arms.  They are mistaken in their claim. Justice Anthony Scalia, writing the majority opinion in District of Columbia v. Heller, acknowledges this when he writes:  […]

Pre-deciding About Violence

By Elizabeth Traubman, BA, MSW and Lionel Traubman, DDS, MSD As loving parents who raised two children during the era of the Vietnam War, we were inspired by the work of child psychologist Haim Ginott who observed: “Misbehavior and punishment are not opposites that cancel each other.  On the contrary, they breed and reinforce each other.” […]

You say ISIL, I say ISIS, let’s call the whole thing off

By Tom H. Hastings John McCain frequently justifies his most war whacky ideas with, “I’d rather fight them over there than fight them here.” As if those are the two choices. As if presenting a non sequitur null set false dichotomy is a response would ever work. Right, well, the joke is on us. It […]

The Ongoing Tension between Power and Morality

By Robert J. Gould American Exceptionalism is the belief that, even when the US is flawed in its policies, those politics are justifiable because there is something innately morally superior about being an American. This alleged moral high ground comes from our international commitment to promote and enforce democracy and free-market capitalism–even when it boils […]

How Our Naive Understanding of Violence Helps ISIS

By Paul K. Chappell At West Point I learned that technology forces warfare to evolve. The reason soldiers today no longer ride horses into battle, use bows and arrows, and wield spears, is because of the gun. The reason people no longer fight in trenches, as they did during World War I, is because the […]

Can We Please Stop

By Laura Finley Surely some uber-conservative political candidates will call me out on “politicizing tragedy” but I don’t care. I don’t want to pray for victims. I don’t want to seek vengeance on perpetrators. I want this never to happen again; I want to never feel this weight again. Not just something but so many […]

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