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Uniskin by Joe Unitas: Sports Gear Designed to Eliminate Bacteria

Written by Joe Buda Uniskin is a new line of products by Joe Unitas that offers safe, bacterial elimination using Fosshield technology.  The Uniskin products “help prevent bacterial transfer and eliminates a lot of forms of bacteria on contact,” Unitas added.  “One of the ones that is a big issue right now is MRSA (Methicillin-resistant […]

The Current State of Inflation, Rising Prices, and the Threat of Hyper-Inflation

Written by T.J. Beatty There is an on-going debate within economic circles as to whether the current economic environment is inflationary or deflationary. The answer to this is in part dependent on one’s definition of inflation. Many people think inflation is a rise in prices of goods. While this perspective accurately reflects inflating prices, it […]

The Las Vegas Informer Expands into Radio on Locos new Radio Show

  Written by Joe Buda The Las Vegas Informer is expanding into radio as we join the Las Vegas Locomotives on their new radio show “The Las Vegas Playbook.” The show will air weekly on Tuesdays from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm on KLAV 1230 AM.  The first show starts on Tuesday, December 14.  For […]

Southern Nevada’s First Non-Solar Renewable Energy Project Completed

Article by PRNewswire Executives from NV Energy (NYSE: NVE), Ormat Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: ORA) and Kern River Gas Transmission Company today dedicated southern Nevada’s first non-solar renewable energy project, the Goodsprings Energy Recovery Station. Located 35 miles south of Las Vegas, the Goodsprings Energy Recovery Station is the first renewable energy project owned by NV […]

Las Vegas Luxury Real Estate Market Mixed

Article by PRNewswire Luxury Homes of Las Vegas just released their 3rd quarter luxury real estate market report.  Luxury homes selling at or above one million dollars were down by 14% over the same period last year.  Luxury homes selling at or above three million dollars were up by 7% from this same period last […]

Understanding the Unfolding Foreclosure Fraud and its Impact on Banks

Written by TJ Beatty There is a massive fraud unfolding in the mortgage and banking industry being dubbed “foreclosure-gate” and may have massive ramifications on the banking sector. Understanding the impact that this scandal will have on banks requires an understanding of the root problems of the foreclosure fraud itself and there are a few […]

Vegas Unwrapped: Showcasing Vegas Off the Beaten Path

Written by Joe Buda Vegas Unwrapped started seven months ago with the goal of highlighting parts of Las Vegas that are off the beaten path.  This concept was created by friends of 12 years Aaron Phillips and Ricky Cash, who serve as hosts of the show.  According to Phillips, “We wanted to embrace what Vegas […]

The Rise of Internet Radio

  Written By Kristan Obeng Three station owners jumped on the rising wave of Internet radio and selected separate modes of operation to sustain their stations for years to come. A station owner’s methodology can play a key role in the rise of web radio transmitted in Las Vegas and beyond. One owner’s station has […]

B. Sharp School Of Dance Opening Fulfills Dream

Written by Valeria Montano On the rhythms of hip-hop and hula a 25-year-old UNLV graduate opened a dance studio Oct. 3 in Henderson, Nev. Brooke Trimble invited newcomers inside her studio, B. Sharp School of Dance. She dreamed of this day. She said, “I didn’t expect to fulfill it so soon.” After receiving her bachelor’s […]

What’s Really Driving the Current Stock Market Rally?

Written by TJ Beatty Perception is reality and things are never what they seem. These are the prevailing themes highlighting the current uptrend in the stock market. How, in these most uncertain times when the consumer is struggling so badly, can the stock market be showing such upward momentum? Thanks for this phenomenon are owed […]

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