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The Rise of Internet Radio

  Written By Kristan Obeng Three station owners jumped on the rising wave of Internet radio and selected separate modes of operation to sustain their stations for years to come. A station owner’s methodology can play a key role in the rise of web radio transmitted in Las Vegas and beyond. One owner’s station has […]

B. Sharp School Of Dance Opening Fulfills Dream

Written by Valeria Montano On the rhythms of hip-hop and hula a 25-year-old UNLV graduate opened a dance studio Oct. 3 in Henderson, Nev. Brooke Trimble invited newcomers inside her studio, B. Sharp School of Dance. She dreamed of this day. She said, “I didn’t expect to fulfill it so soon.” After receiving her bachelor’s […]

What’s Really Driving the Current Stock Market Rally?

Written by TJ Beatty Perception is reality and things are never what they seem. These are the prevailing themes highlighting the current uptrend in the stock market. How, in these most uncertain times when the consumer is struggling so badly, can the stock market be showing such upward momentum? Thanks for this phenomenon are owed […]

App Attack!: Smartphone Apps for the Busy Traveler

Written by Bud Grant In this week’s App Attack! We will look at smartphone apps for the busy traveler. Google Sky Map: (reviewed on the DROID X) This is a very simple app, but is fun if you are traveling outdoors.  This app uses the GPS of the smartphone to determine which stars are in […]

App Attack!: Reviewing Smartphone Apps for the Busy Professional

Written by Bud Grant This week we debut a new review column called App Attack.  We’ll try to find some cool, useful apps for the DROID or iPhone.  This week, we’ll look at apps useful for busy professionals.  Cam Card: (reviewed on DROID X) Cam Card is a great tool for someone who does a […]

Danny Vegas: Raising the Bar for Business Networking

Written by Kristan Obeng Private VIP host Danny Vegas told first-time listeners about social media aiding the growth of his company and how it led to the debut of his Internet radio show in Las Vegas. Vegas, he is known by the character he developed for marketing his company, is adding radio talk show host […]

An Argument Supporting the Coming Price Surge in Gold and Silver

Written by TJ Beatty Prices of precious metals are set for liftoff. There is a recipe brewing in the global economy that will take gold and silver to levels not seen before. That recipe is called inflation.  What is inflation, exactly? Many think it is a rise in the prices of goods. When food gets […]

Technology Review & Tips: DROID X

Written by Bud Grant In last week’s technology review, we looked at a comparison between DROID X and iPhone 4.  This week we start to break down the DROID X further. As part of the review, we will also discuss helpful hints and some key suggested apps in order to maximize your DROID X experience. […]

Sniffany and Company: Offering Affordable Luxury for Pets

Written by Kristan Obeng Sniffany and Company’s strategy is to stay a step above the competition, according to its owner, as it stands nearly alone in a Las Vegas shopping center where many businesses have shut down. A Budget moving truck parking in the Village Square shopping center near where the pet salon and boutique […]

Technology Review: DROID X vs iPhone 4

Written by Bud Grant This week we introduce a new feature in The Las Vegas Informer: Technology Review.  Our first review will be a comparison of two smartphones I have been using for over a month: the DROID X and the iPhone 4.  We will compare these on several criteria listed in this article. Ease-of-use: […]

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