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Are you an Enlightened Voter? Well, you will be now!

By Rev. Thabiti When it comes to the leaders of government, every nation gets exactly what it deserves in the same perfect way that the sunrise can never be late.  The President of any nation is always an innocent reflection of the collective consciousness of the people being governed.  The President cannot help who he […]

The Las Vegas Informer Announces One Millionth Reader

By Informer Staff We at the Las Vegas Informer are proud to announce that earlier today, Tuesday January  31, 2012, we received our one millionth visitor to our news site.

One Year of Empowerment

By Informer Editorial Staff Congratulations to Reverend Thabiti as “The Empowerment Column” celebrates its one year anniversary.

Our Halloween Edition: Now Online and In Print

By Joe Buda Photo provided courtesy of Wikimedia Commons Welcome to the Halloween edition of The Las Vegas Informer.  And welcome to the next generation of print publications.

Editorial: It All Starts At Home

By Joe Buda Budget cuts are affecting all of us these days and cuts in education are impacting many of us the hardest. These cuts are affecting the classrooms, which are becoming increasingly larger, and the effectiveness of the education being given.

Editorial: What Have We Learned from the UFL

By Joe Buda The United Football League announced this week that they would indeed be having a 2011 season.  This season will be smaller than last year, in that there will only be four teams consisting of six games per team, as opposed to last year’s five team – eight game schedule.

Editorial: Welcome to Your Green News Source

By Joe Buda Welcome to our first themed edition: The Health and Environment Issue. Throughout each of our sections we will be discussing these topics further.

Editorial: One Era Ends, Another Begins

By Joe Buda Last Thursday, the Space Shuttle Atlantis landed in Florida, ending the shuttle program after 30-years of space flight. When the shuttle program first started space flight in 1981 the world was a completely different place.  Ronald Reagan was President of the United States, the Cold War with the Soviet Union was occurring […]

Welcome to Year Two

By Joe Buda Welcome to year two.  The Las Vegas Informer celebrates its one year anniversary today.  A year ago we set out on a journey to discover those stories that were not being reported elsewhere or were being under reported.  We figured that there were too many stories out there for the media at […]

Osama Bin Laden is Dead: A Day to Remember

Written by Joe Buda President Obama announced on Sunday night that Osama Bin Laden is dead.  Bin Laden was reportedly killed by US forces, and the US is in possession of his body.

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