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The Las Vegas Informer Interviews: James Wong

By Las Vegas Informer Staff Anyone who has kept up with the sport of MMA within the last 10 years knows this brand by heart: Fairtex.  Fairtex is a Muay Thai equipment company that started in a back alley warehouse in San Francisco, California. James Wong helped start off Fairtex, create by Alex Gong, and […]

The Partisanship of Health Care Reform

By Brandon Williams  Los Angeles Informer So many times Americans define their thoughts and symbolize them into team-like forms. The Cubs are heated rivals with the Cardinals in baseball, the Bears play the Packers twice every year with a disdain for each other, and Democrats go to battle with Republicans on a daily basis. Once […]

A Discussion with Fitness Expert Leo Costa Jr.

By Joe Buda Las Vegas Informer Earlier this week, we sat down and spoke with fitness expert Leo Costa Jr.  Leo has a rich history in health and fitness, having been an athlete, bodybuilder, trainer, gym owner and is the author of “Automatic Fitness.”  He spent years studying the secrets of Bulgarian fitness training methodologies. […]

Marche Bacchus: The Review

Marche Bacchus: The Review

By Rob Goald Restaurant Critic Hidden in a suburban shopping plaza in the pleasant Desert Shores neighborhood is a wine shop that doubles as a wonderful French bistro. It is a magical location on a lake that houses ducks, geese and turtles.   The interior of the restaurant is minimalist and civilized without the clatter and noise of a Strip […]

Vegas Birds

Vegas Birds

By Nikki Artale Las Vegas Informer Debbie and Mark Obarka brought their talented birds to the Royal Casino inLas VegasNevada on June 17, 2012 for a family friendly bird show. They have been entertaining audiences, from theme parks, state fairs, corporate events and in Las Vegas Theaters. Millions have enjoyed their unique talents and interactions […]

The Las Vegas Informer Interviews: Charles Ware

By Las Vegas Informer Staff It is said that returning to your roots, or bringing it back to basics, is the best way to remind yourself why you started what you have started in the first place. This is what Sean Burton of SeanBFit intended to do when he sought out Mr. Charles Ware of […]

The War on Women

By Brandon Williams Los Angeles Informer Only a few months ago we were hearing Foster Friess’s infamous “aspirin between legs” comment on the issue of birth control. Now it seems that the Republicans, media and control by men has put a very large aspirin between the legs of women’s rights coverage. According to the website […]

The Las Vegas Informer Interviews Casey Arnold

The Las Vegas Informer Interviews Casey Arnold

By Las Vegas Informer Staff We have a lot to offer out here in Las Vegas, NV. If it has to do with: Food, Life, Nightlife, Health and Fitness and Fads, we have it and we are about it. One thing, amongst many things, we have to offer in Vegas is up and coming professionals […]

Is Obama a Socialist?

By Brandon Williams Los Angeles Informer “A second term for Obama would bring on a socialist nightmare hell-scape as he moves further to the left” –Dick Morris Fox News But wait, is President Obama pushing us towards a socialist run government? Socialism does not have one exact definition as it has many vehicles to be […]

The Effects of Gerrymandering

The Effects of Gerrymandering

By Brandon Williams Los Angeles Informer In the early 1800s a Massachusetts Governor did not win his re-election due to his support of a redistricting bill. This bill created a salamander-shaped district giving Elbridge Gerry an advantage of party voters. Oddly enough Gerry did not win his re-election bid in 1812, but his legacy was […]

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